Overview of warts

One of the most unpleasant skin diseases in humans are considered to be warts.They associate others with untidiness, dirt, communicating with something unclean.

warts once a person is the question: how can we get rid of them forever.The first study recipes of traditional medicine, hoping that there is only remedy and help among them.However, this self-treatment need to be completely sure that a person has a wart and not some other skin diseases.

So if after a while you do not see results, you should see a doctor.The dermatologist will determine exactly by taking the necessary tests, what is this disease and how to treat it accordingly.

Autogenous training

Self-hypnosis can be recommended as a remedy for warts without any contraindications.For the autogenous need to take a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax and imagine that the sores disappear and you have a clean and healthy skin.This tool is best suited for people with a vivid imagination.

Treatment of raw potatoes

Another effective means of offering healers.To do this, you need to take raw potatoes or any other fruit or vegetable, cut it in half, rub each half.When should fold the two halves together and bury it.It is believed that when the fruit will rot, then the sore disappears.If you treat warts on hands - folk remedies in the form of this treatment is very effective.

Treatment of warts with silk thread

Take the silk thread or a rope, and over each wart tie a knot in the air.Then hide the thread to cut potatoes or other vegetables fruit and bury.This removal tool is similar to the treatment of potatoes described above.And ill need to believe in healing, then there is hope that the warts disappear in both cases.

remedy for warts - chalk

One of the recipes of traditional medicine recommends grate and sprinkle the place with chalk.When you need a place with chalk wrap woolen cloth.The bandage should be careful not to wet.


celandine celandine helps many of warts and other skin diseases.This plant is known particularly acrid juice property.That they should smear wart 2 times a day.A similar effect has the juice and dandelion and milkweed.Any use of the plants must be constantly treated.If you use this recipe as much as possible, that is irregular, it is expected there will be healing.

Other folk remedies

the treatment of warts using compresses with mashed leaves houseplant kalanchoe.This means you need to use a week, then take a break.Also treated skin warts using tincture of wormwood.Compresses soaked in this composition can be an effective remedy.

Some believe that the best means of cast sores and other skin rashes - raw onion.It is kept in the vinegar for 2 hours and then overnight bind to this site.This treatment is repeated several nights in a row.It should be remembered that the onion juice with vinegar can burn the skin, so you need to apply the patch around the wart or a piece of polyethylene.

In other cases, the treatment is considered an effective means of tortillas.The mixture of flour and acetic acid is applied to the infected site and are constantly changing the bandage 2-3 times a day.It is necessary to apply the mixture gently, so as not to burn the skin.This means at hand is recognized as one of the most effective.

finding its way to remove warts - observe the change in her appearance.If it is black on top, it means that she has roots die.In no case do not need to touch this place, and even more cut off her top layer.It is necessary to wait for the moment when she will disappear.

Folk remedies often help in the treatment of skin diseases.Man using them feels more comfortable, because he spared the doctor visits and the use of radical treatment methods of conventional medicine is not always gentle to the skin.

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