Treatment and prevention of warts on the face

Warts on the face on the face on the face - not the most pleasant event, and, most importantly, these are the tumors of different appearance may suddenly, without any external preconditions.Why do they appear, how dangerous, and how to remove a wart from his face, without harming their own health?

Where are warts on the face

reason for the appearance of the skin tumors of this type is a papilloma virus, to get into the human body it can be through direct contact with the carrier (a handshake, a different type of touch) or by contact with contaminated objects.The input gate for the infection is any damage to the skin - cuts, bruises, even untreated wounds on the spot burr will be sufficient for the infection.

The virus is crafty and tenacious, the wart on the nose may appear even after 8 months after infection.In general, such a viral infection, such as are neoplasms, is not dangerous, but its occurrence suggests that the immune system has arisen a failure, and it is no longer the possibility to co

ntrol the virus to proliferate uncontrollably and capture new cell sites.

question - how to get warts on the face, is relevant, primarily because of the unattractive appearance of these "sores".In addition, folk art wart on his forehead more often associated with uncleanliness or its owner, or its negative spiritual qualities.There are cases when the parents ask for the warts on the face to remove the children, in order to solve problems with peers for their babies.

Facial Warts - Treatment

Before seek a cure, or think about how to remove a wart on the face, it makes sense to make sure that the tumor is just a wart.On the face under the mask of the banal warts on the face, more than other areas of the body can hide quite a life-threatening patient tumors (skin cancer, melanoma pigment), which requires an accurate diagnosis after installation, the destination of the serious treatment.

easiest and most reliable way to do this - to see a doctor who will be able to inspect and prescribe the patient a comprehensive survey program.Its program must include an analysis which allows to determine the type of virus and the extent of its potential carcinogenicity.

Otherwise, it is likely that this pathogen can cause swelling of the skin, and the relationship between certain species of HPV and human specific form of warts to this day proved.

Warts on the face can be flat or three-dimensional, have a rounded shape or remind thin papillae.Different can be and their color - it varies from corporal to brownish, like the color of moles.Such tumors are very suspicious of the skin in relation to the possible development of cancer.

recommended to immediately contact a doctor if any new growths on the skin, as this may be signs of serious illness.

How to remove illness on the face, what kind of treatment approach?The pharmacy is easy to find a variety of emulsions and ointments, most of which is sold without a prescription.

You can also go to the clinic of aesthetic medicine, and learn how to get warts on the face in a single session using the latest hardware techniques.There are as well traditional recipes that allow to get rid of this disease.

that the effectiveness of, and to start treatment?If you are tired of the wart on his lip, you can try to get rid of her folk remedies.The most important tips to avoid proposing affect the tumor mechanically.

much better to go to the hospital, and there is a way to choose, how to remove a wart from his face - self-amputation or autopsy tumors can be fraught with blood poisoning and other unpleasant consequences.

But packs of foods and herbal concoctions can be used, even if this is a wart on the eyelid.Such treatments can not harm, however, and question their effectiveness is more than controversial.Not everyone knows that over time, the warts can take place without any treatment.

Some people are great natural remedies help, but other patients may not experience their significant action.
Warts Facial - treatment for all possible?

not always medicines for home use to help get rid of warts, but you can always use a more reliable means.Even a wart on the lip or another sensitive area of ​​the body can be removed in one session.

Main, just choose the right technology, after which use the face will not be left visible scars.That is why for the removal of the disease on the face almost never use surgical amputation - can be bleeding, and the possibility of getting an infection is not excluded.

Today many clinics of aesthetic medicine offer removal of benign skin lesions by laser, radio waves, a high-frequency electric current, cryotherapy.All of these methods allow you to get rid of the growths quickly and painlessly.

In addition, after the procedure is left scars.The recovery period after the operation short, just a few days, the result is noticeable after a week or two.All of these methods are harmless and have no medical contraindications.Moreover, with the help of many of them can remove warts on the face of children

what to do to not show the warts

How to protect yourself from the appearance of this disease?The first condition - personal hygiene.Attention should be paid as health, because one of the reasons for the appearance of tumors in the skin - it is a problem with immunity.

It is also recommended in a timely manner to handle antiseptic any skin damage.Similarly, we can reduce the risk of penetration into the body of the virus to a minimum.If the wart on the nose yet appeared, it makes sense to consult a doctor for the selection of the best method of treatment or disposal.

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