Causes and treatment of alopecia areata : where to start ?

Alopecia areata, or alopecia, is qualified by experts as nerubtsovaya alopecia.Patchy hair loss is found on the head, but can spread to the entire body.The disease often typical for the age group from 18 to 35 years.

alopecia begins suddenly, and its first manifestation is not always visible.When the viability of focal alopecia hair follicle persists even ten years - twelve.Therefore, as soon as the doctor makes a diagnosis of alopecia areata - treatment should begin immediately.

why the disease occurs?

Universal factors of baldness have yet been found.The reasons can act:

  • consequences of physical injury;
  • weakening of immunity after infectious diseases;
  • stress;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • impact of the external environment.Manifestations

alopecia areata may arise from exposure to other factors, such as lack any trace substances in the body.

decision on how to treat alopecia areata, the doctor takes after the determination of the main factors of the disease.The actual cause of the disease d

etected in the computer diagnostics of hair follicles, scalp, a condition of the sebaceous glands.Spectral analysis is performed to determine whether the deficiency or, alternatively, excess minerals.If necessary, appoint additional laboratory studies, and expert advice from a different profile.


practiced three basic approaches to the fight against Alopecia areata:

  • Drug therapy;
  • Laser Therapy;
  • transplant (transplant) own hair.

treatment is administered as a course and usually involves some complex products.Preparations can be divided into separate groups according to the method of impact on the problem:

  • means providing nonspecific irritant effect: infusion lemongrass, garlic juice, castor oil, red pepper tincture, ditrano, anthralin.In this case suggests alopecia areata treatment of folk remedies on a par with medicines.
  • preparations, mechanically irritate hair follicles: diphenylcyclopropenone and dibutyl ether.The dosage for the treatment of selected individually.
  • corticosteroid ointment - although it is widely used, give a lot of unwanted side effects.Therefore, they are used in extreme cases when the hair loss intensive, and only for adults.
  • Immunosuppressants (cyclosporin A).
  • regeyn apply to the direct impact on hair follicles (minoxidil), locally.Complemented by the ingestion of the drug.It gives good results with timely treatment.
  • Vitamin preparations.
  • In the complex treatment of a great role for physiotherapy.For example, for the destruction of lymphocytic infiltrates appointed therapist ultraviolet irradiation.

Alopecia areata in women involves previewing the recommendation of the gynecologist and the endocrinologist, and only then drawing up treatment programs.Prescribed for topical treatment of affected areas, for internal use - products plant-based.

Other treatments

Assumes as alopecia areata treatment of low-intensity laser radiation.A significant effect is obtained as a result of exposure to the laser system on the basis of special clinics.

Quite controversial is hair transplantation method.It holds only the surgeon.Even highly professional transfer does not always guarantee the desired effect.And not all patients, this procedure may be indicated.

In any case, treatment should start with the correct diagnosis.With the proper determination of the causes of disease faster and can give a significant effect, and traditional recipes.It should only carefully monitor the body's response to the action of various substances and consult a medical specialist.

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