Warts on the heel : the methods of treatment and diagnosis

wart on the heel of the heel on the heel is the most common and probably the most painful lesions, which cause the formation of getting hit in the small, invisible to the eye, skin lesions of HPV.

problems that have to fight each patient with severe plantar warts are associated with the impossibility of a peaceful and painless walk, reliance on the injured leg.

wart on the heel

heel wart always growing, pushing the surrounding skin thickness, so constantly happening and injury of the tumor mass and surrounding areas of the epithelium.

heel wart - this formation with which mankind has to fight throughout history, and the only modern treatment methods allow guaranteed to get rid of this education.

Traditional methods of treatment

techniques offered by alternative medicine, offer applied to the sore spot plants that possess properties ketaroliticheskimi - garlic, celandine, potato juice, sea salt.

effectiveness of these traditional medicines, of course, questionable, but much harm will not be ap

plied to health.

more effective use of pharmaceutical drugs, proved the possibility of the appointment of years of experience - these techniques include surface treatment nuduga concentrated solutions of salicylic or lactic acid.

These agents can be applied directly to the surface of the warts, and with special medicinal plasters.When using these products it is important to apply them only to the area where the wart is located on the heel - the surrounding areas must be placed on top of the usual bactericidal plaster.

is important to remember that this therapy should be carried out constantly - treating plantar warts need about every evening, but no more than 60 consecutive days, and you should immediately discontinue treatment if there was festering, irritation or growth of tumors.

Modern methods of treatment

In the event that there is a wart on the heel - treatment using the latest techniques to speed up the process of removal of tumors and, more importantly, to ensure getting the expected result.

Today, dermatologists and cosmetologists to treat disease of this kind of use:

  • burning the warts with liquid nitrogen - removal quite painful and require several visits to the dermatologist or beautician;
  • laser removal - is performed without blood, and the possibility of discomfort is minimized;
  • removal of disease by means of radio waves - virtually painless, but re-surface treatment may be required, on which it is located.

Currently almost used to remove plantar warts surgery, because of its use of "beats" of the patient's habitual rhythm of life and training for a few weeks - until complete healing of the wound on his leg takes a long time enough.

In addition, it is impossible to guarantee that even if all the conditions of the wound does not get an infection - any purulent lesions in the lower extremities is very difficult to treat, particularly with concomitant vascular pathology.

Very rarely used today and photodynamic therapy - irradiation of tumors surface after it is treated with dimethyl sulfoxide.

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