Plantar warts are and how to get rid of them

Plantar warts are a common species occurring in the area of ​​the foot.

cause of these warts, usually becomes uncomfortable and tight shoes, causing friction.Typically, these growths are very painful.They represent a small growths on the skin of the foot and resemble corn.

However, on closer examination they can see that they consist of a large number of filiform papillae, which are surrounded by a skin roller.Because of their pain plantar warts can cause a very severe difficulty in walking, until the disability.These growths in children is especially painful, since limiting the mobility of the child and not let it develop normally.

What are the features of the disease?

wart removal is generally considered a very simple surgery, usually takes no more than an hour.Yet this opinion refers only to those narostok that appear on the hands.Operations to remove the build-up of plantar procedure is much more complex and it involves a number of difficulties.

Firstly, the place where it is located growth

s stop.Healthy feet provide us with good health and normal walking.When you see them on foot, walk the process is very much complicated, because plantar warts sharply painful.After the delete operation plantar warts, pain when walking loads and stored for at least another two weeks.

Secondly, the complexity of this operation is the skin of the foot structure.The fact that the skin of the foot is very dense and thick.In some areas of the sole epidermal thickness can be up to one-half cm. Now try to imagine how deep the roots of plantar warts are located.And the main thing is to remove the root.In another, plantar growths may reappear in much larger quantities than before.

Third, the complexity of this operation lies in the fact that this type of wart is very similar to corn.And the correct diagnosis can hold only an experienced doctor, through a series of complex chemical analyzes.
plantar growths often easier to prevent than to cure.

appearance of build-up on the soles of the feet and are usually accompanied by a number of reasons, the exclusion of which would help to get rid of many problems and inconvenience of walking and need to perform a fairly complex operation.In this section, we list a few ways to deal with the emergence of plantar warts.

Firstly, plantar growths are very fond of grubby people with excessive sweating feet.And what follows from this?And it follows that it is necessary to closely monitor the observance of personal hygiene.

Often wash your feet, even to steam them regularly possibly special curative and preventive trays.Care should be taken so that the socks on his feet always clean.If you suffer an unpleasant smell of feet and excessive sweating, you can use Teymurova paste, which after only two applications will be able to get rid of the discomfort.

Secondly, as ingrown nails, plantar warts are very fond of a close and uncomfortable shoes, which creates a constant pressure or friction in the area of ​​the foot.It is important to remember that the really good shoes - it boots, ideally sitting on your foot, not just decorating it.

If you exclude these factors from your life, you will realize that the warts on the soles for you are not a big problem.However, the possibility of their possible occurrence may still remain, it is connected directly to a genetic predisposition, causing human exposure to plantar warts.In such cases, if you want to print the plantar warts - treatment will be serious enough.What to do in this case?

How to get rid of plantar warts?

Today there are several methods on how to display and remove warts on the foot.There are many tools that promise instant removal, there are even people's charms and omens as to treat plantar warts.

is unlikely that all of them can be called effective.All the matter is that a variety of charms and omens calculated largely on self-hypnosis.Man inspires himself that the wart has to go.Sometimes she really pass.

But that's only the cases of these there were one.Surgery to remove plantar growths can also be mediocre because plantar warts, to be more precise, their roots are very deep under the skin and is often completely remove the root is very problematic.

now widely practiced removal of all growths laser.And plantar also amenable to such treatment.Removing elevations laser is not only highly effective but also affordable.

also gives excellent results removal of plantar warts with liquid nitrogen.The resulting post-cryotherapy effect allows very fast to fully restore the normal functionality of the foot.

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