Alopecia in women : treatment can help !

Women for reasons deeper placement of the hair bulb in the epithelial layers become much rarer visitors physician trichologist.However, genetic predisposition, and many other factors may cause the progressive weakening and thinning of hair loss.

Increasingly, women recorded loss of "male nature" of the bands across the fibrous cover uniform manner.This problem is called diffuse alopecia hair.Treatment of diffuse alopecia is based on the elimination of provocateur, because it is a hair loss is symptomatic.Diffuse alopecia may develop with the use of certain medications, after birth, severe stress.After elimination of provoking factor of hair loss should stop.
Considering the type of alopecia disease in women, treatment is prescribed based on an individual approach and the reasons that caused the problem with the hair.Treatment of alopecia areata involves the use of vasodilators.The main objective in this case - to provide quality food hairline to strengthen it.In addition, conduct body with vitamins sat

uration rate of group B, which is grateful to affect not only the condition of the nervous system as a whole, but also the power of hair.

Treatment of alopecia in women women women conducted with special ointments, which are composed of corticosteroids.The maximum effect is achieved by complex therapy problems with the passage of physical treatments: ultraviolet irradiation, reflex physiotherapy.Excess male hormone testosterone can cause hair loss androgen-type women.Starting from the forehead and top of the head, hair thinning area gradually increased and expanded.

methods of treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women

treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women is possible, but requires a lot of patience patient.The fact that the curative effect after a long time, waiting for a woman with various type of procedure.The treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women:

  • encouraging the strengthening and growth of hair through massage, mud therapy, application of masks of seaweeds, mesotherapy, electrical, immunomodulation, hypnosis
  • the use of drugs that suppress the secretion of male hormone - the root cause of the disease.

Universal alopecia in women is the loss of hair on the entire cutaneous body hair in women.As a rule, the disease is on the background of vegetative-vascular dystonia, and is accompanied by degenerative changes in the structure of the nail.To answer the question of how to cure alopecia, it is necessary to take into account the patient's age, the cause of the disease, and to develop an optimal strategy to eliminate precipitating factors and treatment.

recommended to limit exposure to certain stimuli: stressful situations in your personal life or at work, as much as possible to correct the course of medications, establish work and rest.Stable areata is not like yourself.In identifying, alopecia treatment of women must take place under the supervision of an experienced trichologist, able to offer a modern arsenal of tools and procedures.

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