Removal of warts at home

Despite the fact that modern dermatology and medical cosmetology created a lot of techniques, timely use of which eliminates the symptoms papillomatosis, removal of warts at home is still quite popular.

And the reasons for this are several - and the availability of drugs and medicines required for such treatment, and quite effectively, and the relative harmlessness of such therapy.

patient who has decided to carry out removal of warts at home at home at home, must consult a qualified dermatologist - under the guise of papillomatosis (benign skin tumors) hazardous condition may be hiding, requiring immediate medical intervention.

In addition, it is necessary not only to look for effective ways to remove warts, but also care about the state of the immune system - papilloma appear only in those patients whose immunity is for one reason or another fails, allowing the uncontrolled multiplication of the virus in the cells of the epithelium.

removal methods

At present, can be used the following method

s of removing warts that have proven effective in the clinical setting and in the home.

The most common methods are removal:

  • surgical techniques - excision of the wart and surrounding tissue with a scalpel, laser, radio wave therapy and cryo destruction;
  • use of medicinal ointments, which contain substances that destroy excessively overgrown epithelial cells, or inhibiting viral replication in the cell;
  • the use of alternative medicine techniques that have proven effective using centuries.

Actually, the removal of warts at home can be carried out using ointments, purpose of which is to engage a qualified dermatologist, and with the help of traditional medicine techniques.

By using such methods of treatment it is important to remember that the removal of warts on the face that can leave an indelible mark on a person's appearance or treatment of warts in children of children of children is left to professionals - it is several times reduces the likelihood of complications (bleeding, suppuration, scarringdisfiguring).

wart removal at home - how to treat

To remove warts at home is most often used:

  • technique, the effect of which is likely, based on the effects of psychotherapy - when they are activated by their own defenses of the patient.It is to include them smearing the surface of warts cut potato, beans or apple, which then have to be buried in the ground - after the decomposition of the object influence the warts should disappear;
  • technique, which uses a "dressing" warts thin silk thread or twine;
  • technique in which therapeutic purposes must be lubricated surface warts juice of herbs or substances having keratolytic and anti-inflammatory action.

By means keratolytic action include acetic and salicylic acid, the juice of celandine, but the use of these substances is important to remember that they can not be used when the warts are found in children.

These compounds are quite toxic and their use in pediatric practice impossible to calculate the required dose of medicament.

By means of anti-inflammatory effects include teas or juice of medicinal plants - aloe, rosehip, calendula, kalanchoe, rowan, garlic, wormwood.

These drugs have a pronounced effect only after prolonged use, however, this technique helps to carry out the safe removal of warts in children.Undoubtedly, often must be removed as these local skin growths that are slightly raised above the surface of healthy skin, are detected in most cases.It was under such benign patients are wondering - how to get rid of flat warts at home and avoid the re-occurrence of them.

In this case, it is important appointment therapies that will help to restore the impaired status of the immune system - this will prevent the re-emergence of the disease.Appoint such treatment should be a doctor, because the immunomodulators and immunostimulants, in addition to the indications for use, have a large enough list of contraindications.Local treatment

flat warts often comprises treating the surface with concentrated solutions of organic acids - malic, salicylic, acetic.The drug is applied only to the modified area of ​​skin and covered with a protective dressing on top, left in this way for a while, and then dead parts can be removed without difficulty after application of warm compresses or baths.

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