Plantar Warts : treatment or removal

Plantar warts can seriously impair a person's quality of life.At his appearance, these tumors may resemble conventional corns or calluses.

color of the affected area may remain the same, solid, or a bit darker tones of the surrounding skin.Plantar warts are always flat and rough, to distinguish them from other skin lesions feet simple - to test the pain fairly.

If you try to test the wart, a little pushing, and the pain is localized exclusively in the center, if it hurts the area around the build-up, this education can be considered typical of the plantar wart.

Plantar warts: Treatment is necessary

Removal of plantar warts in one session should be carried out exclusively a doctor in a medical clinic with the use of special equipment, any attempt at self-clipping kind of education or other unacceptable effects.

But can we do something at home?Before you look for the answer to the question of how to cure illness, it makes sense to ensure that such treatment is necessary.

pick up an infection tha

t causes the formation of warts is not so difficult - it is enough to walk barefoot on the floor, which had contact with infected people, to put on someone else's shoes, or do not regularly dry her.

At risk are, above all, people who have problems with immunity, as well as children and adolescents.After some time, the warts may disappear without treatment.But if plantar warts hurt, or grow, it's time to find a suitable remedy for them.

To bring home Plantar warts can remove layer after layer of dead tissue.From mechanical means for this purpose is suitable pumice or sandpaper.

order for removal was most effective, before the procedure, you can steam the feet in warm soapy water or apply a compress on her natural apple cider vinegar (apple juice is very acidic varieties).In any drugstore easy to just buy the ointment for warts.

All these compositions are divided into groups according to the type of active substance, but the treatment of plantar warts may require different.The most common means on the basis of salicylic acid or a means for home cryotherapy (freezing).

apply various ointments, gels and patches must be in accordance with the instructions supplied by protecting the surrounding areas of intact skin.

Treatment folk remedies

How to cure plantar warts by folk remedies?Helps to treat at home trays with tea tree oil or a decoction of celandine.

These procedures can be done as well as a preparatory event before removing the layers of the skin roughened by mechanical means.

good money as a strong infusion of wormwood - half a cup of dry grass pour a glass of boiling water and let stand until cool, obtained infusion wipe the affected area up to 6 times per day.Another amazing folk remedy - packs of garlic.

For their cooking garlic to grind to a smooth slurry state.The same can be applied daily raw potato slices.With the help of these folk remedies, you can also carry out the removal of plantar warts in children.

Plantar Warts: treatment or removal

Some tumors do not always lend themselves to the traditional methods of treatment, plantar warts - Treatment folk remedies also do not always bring the desired effect.If they cause severe discomfort when walking, it makes sense to think about their withdrawal.

Removal Laser - this is one of the most modern way to get rid of skin benign tumors.The advantage of this method lies in the fact that the tumor is completely confined in a single session, the result can be assessed after 1-2 weeks.

Another advantage of laser surgery - the complete absence of scars or other traces of the rehabilitation period as short, hospitalization is not required.

full functionality back in 2 weeks, the first days after the removal is recommended not to expose the affected area to heavy wear.

laser removal is a procedure available to everyone, it has virtually no contraindications, and is low cost.
Removal of plantar warts in children and adults can also be performed in other ways.

not much different from a laser cut method of radio waves.Also commonly used Freezing with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy).

Surgical same operations conclude warts today are held in exceptional cases, as they often remain after the scars and unsightly scars.

Before removing warts obligatory medical consultation and histological examination of tissue removed.This procedure is recommended only in medical institutions by a qualified dermatologist or beautician, who have a medical degree.

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