What is bacterial vaginosis ?His symptoms, causes , treatment

Bacterial vaginitis - a well-known gynecological disorder that manifests profuse vaginal discharge white color with a pungent smell.

This ailment can be heard by other names, such as coleitis or bacterial vaginosis.Almost every woman at least once in the course of life is faced with this problem.

Bacterial vaginitis is characterized by a sharp increase in the number of opportunistic pathogens.A lactobacilli thus becomes considerably less.Sometimes there is a complete lack of them.What is important is that this form of the disease the fungus candida, trichomonas, gonococci and other pathogens are not detected at all.

disease can be detected by pelvic exam and pap smears for analysis.On examination, the patient reveal hyperemia with point hemorrhages on the mucous membrane of the vagina, including specific white discharge.As a rule, the woman complains of itching and burning sensation in the vulva, as well as discomfort during sexual intercourse.


Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis occur in

a wide variety depending on the reason why any such violations.

  1. Abnormal discharge with an unpleasant odor.
  2. Redness and swelling of the vaginal mucosa.
  3. abundance of white discharge, and sometimes mixed with blood.
  4. Feeling pain in the lower abdomen.
  5. Burning sensation when urinating.
  6. emergence of itching in the vagina and external genitals.
  7. Test discomfort during sexual intercourse and reduced sexual desire.

However, it should be noted that in some women, the symptoms may not appear at all.And in such cases, they are found by accident during routine inspections at the obstetrician-gynecologist.

When abnormal vaginal discharge, characterized by an unusual color, odor, irritating effect on the skin, including distinguished by their profusion, should see a doctor.After all vaginitis symptoms manifested itching sensations can occur at any time, even at night.Moreover, it may negatively affect the intimate personal life.

Moreover, vaginitis symptoms often transferred to the skin of the buttocks and thighs.There is itching, burning, pus.And in the elderly there is dryness of the vaginal mucosa due to age-related changes that occur in the body.


diseases Bacterial vaginosis causes vary depending on the type of disease.

  1. development of pathogenic bacteria in the vagina.
  2. infections, sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. weakened immune system.
  4. casual sexual life (frequent change of sexual partner).
  5. environmental factors.
  6. Failure to observe personal hygiene.
  7. Hormonal disorders (hypovarianism).
  8. Taking antibiotics or steroids.
  9. diabetes.
  10. Wearing wet and tight clothing such as a bikini or swimsuit insufficiently dried out.
  11. Application deodorants intimate area.
  12. Bathing in a bath with the addition of foam.

All these reasons can only provoke and not to cause the occurrence of the disease on their own.

Candida vaginitis is caused by overgrowth of the fungus Candida vaginal yeast-like.It can also occur:

  1. when using contraceptives;
  2. in the use of antibiotics in high doses or with prolonged admission;
  3. when receiving steroid hormones;
  4. in the presence of diabetes.

Candida vaginitis appears thick white discharge and severe itching in the vagina.

bactericidal vaginitis

bactericidal vaginitis caused by opportunistic bacteria and specific: staphylococci, streptococci, Proteus, Escherichia coli, Gardnerella and other bacteria.These pathogens provoke nonspecific vaginitis with mixed infection.
The disease is dangerous because the vagina is several kinds of harmful bacteria simultaneously.This complicates the accurate determination of the pathogen.

vaginitis in pregnant

Vaginitis in pregnancy is very common, regardless of the gestational age and the presence of it in a health history.Incorrect its treatment can lead to the detection of intrauterine infection, no gestation, miscarriage and premature birth.

vaginitis in pregnant women may be largely due to a temporary state of immunodeficiency.

Bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy manifested the same symptoms as that of women who did not bear a child.

treatment method

Bacterial vaginitis treatment is carried out in two stages.The first stage is aimed at suppressing the growth of various pathogens.The treated disease in this case?Apply irrigation solutions breast and boric acid.Also enjoy the modern drugs.One is the broad spectrum antiseptic - "Fluomizin".

He was appointed one vaginal tablet once a day.Duration of treatment is 6 days.Bacterial vaginitis than to treat the second stage?To restore the vaginal flora with probiotics topically applied bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, zubiotiki.

Treatment is aimed at correcting the immunodeficiency disorders, and to eliminate concomitant diseases.Also, treatment of vaginitis carried out traditional methods.

Although it is believed that the disease occurs only in women, but the treatment must pass both the sexual partner.After all, it is often the man is a carrier of vaginitis, and can reward them at any time.Also, the period of treatment should be abandoned sexual life, or at least use a condom.

Otherwise, the effectiveness of treatment of the distance will be reduced to zero.In addition, you can not even drink alcoholic beverages, that there was no pathological irreversible processes.
If you notice such symptoms, contact your doctor.

For timely diagnosis and treatment of vaginitis pravilnoebakterialny - the key to success in the fight against this disease.

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