Amenorrhea : the causes of disease

Regular menstruation in women in the age of sexual maturity - one of the most important indicators of gynecological health, so when they do not just linger and stop, absence of menstrual periods is perceived as a sign of serious problems in the body.However, there must always worry, warily glancing at the calendar?

absence of menstruation, which is also known as amenorrhea, is most often associated with the natural processes that occur in the female body, a way of life, level of physical activity, and simply with age.Amenorrhea is often confused with delayed menstruation, but this is not the same thing: amenorrhea - a long, more than 3-6 months, the complete absence of menstruation, while delays - everything that fits in a narrow time frame.

What causes it?

Amenorrhea is regarded as primary and secondary.Primary - this is amenorrhea in adolescents, when the girl was 16 years old, and menstruation has never had.About secondary amenorrhea say when terminated monthly, lasting at least one or two cyc

les.Why is this suddenly happening?The situation is alarming, if not know the characteristics of the female hormonal sphere, and they are as follows:

  • menstruation ceases during pregnancy and lactation.This - the physiological amenorrhea that runs by itself after about three months after the abolition of breastfeeding and menses resumed again;
  • physiological amenorrhea is also considered, starting from the women included in the state of menopause.It occurs in 45-50 years, so there is no need to worry;
  • hormonal fluctuations that occur in stressful situations: severe anxiety and emotional distress associated with various life events, are also capable of for a long time to stop menstruation.It - psychogenic amenorrhea, which disappears when restoring mental balance.

However, it also happens that a woman is not pregnant, not breastfeeding, can not say that her life is full of strong and deep emotions, she is young enough to enter into menopause and menstruation is long gone.In what here there can be a business?

Very often influence the menstrual cycle have a thing, at first sight, absolutely extraneous:

  • women and girls are almost totally preoccupied with a real or an imaginary problem of excess weight, just torturing yourself malnutrition and severe diets.This may result in amenorrhea.Causes of amenorrhea - a shortage of nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain not only a normal life, but also a regular menstrual cycle;
  • to amenorrhea victims may themselves be attributed, and women forced to engage in heavy physical labor, and - professional athletes.

Hormonal contraceptive drugs, of course, bears its responsibility for the cessation of menstruation.The absence of menstruation is observed not only during the reception, but even a few months after the abolition of contraceptives - for example, has this property "Mirena" and a number of other designated for protection or correction cycle of drugs.

prolonged absence of menses often occurs in women, diabetics, and those who for various reasons have to take antidepressants and neuroleptics, is undergoing chemotherapy.Thyroid problems - another explanation for the termination of menses.

Thus, the onset of amenorrhea often enough is quite logical and reasonable justification, almost always being not the cause but the consequence of various states of women - both physiological and lifestyle-related diseases or available neginekologicheskimi.

Possible consequences

Because amenorrhea, in fact, is not an independent disease, and then talk about some of its consequences is not necessary.

The only thing it really is - it's a feeling of anxiety with which a woman goes to the gynecologist to find out why she she began.Reasons amenorrhea actually need careful study and may be eliminated.

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