Treatment of amenorrhea - briefly about the importance

amenorrhea, as such, is not a separate illness, its symptoms can be accompanied by violations of existing in the body of biochemical, physiological and psycho-emotional.In fact, the disease is a disorder of menstruation, when women aged 16-45 years in six months and no more menses.

However, the absence of menstruation during pregnancy and during the lactation period, before the onset of puberty in girls, as well as after menopause in women older than 45 years is the physiological norm.There is also a so-called "false" amenorrhea, when all the signs of the menstrual cycle are stored, and the exit of menstrual discharge from the genitals prevent any anatomical or congenital malformations of their structure.

Primary and secondary amenorrhea

by age and causes of amenorrhea is classified as primary and secondary.Primary amenorrhea absence of menstruation is called the presence or absence of signs of puberty in girls older than 14 years.The main causes of such disorders can be hereditary factors, phys

iological, developmental disorders or severe emotional states.

Hereditary factors are expressed in genetic abnormalities, transmitted from generation to generation, for example, in women of the same genus present later (after 17 years) onset of menstruation.A specific example of physiological factors are variations in the anatomy of the genital organs or the violation of their development.Serious emotional failures, severe stress, anorexia and lack of appetite, heavy physical activity and total depletion of the body can also be one of the causes of the disease.

If a woman has a steady menstrual cycle there is a lack of menses for six months or more, then this is called secondary amenorrhea dysfunction.In this case, the absence of menstruation is accompanied by lack of ovulation and as a consequence, the impossibility of pregnancy.Her main causes approximately 38% of cases are excessive weight loss by maintaining strict diets, aversion to food and exhausting the load on the body.

Rapid loss of more than 10 kg body weight or the total body weight less than 50 kg is critical for the body and one of the most common reasons for the development.In some cases, menstrual disorders may occur due to severe nervous breakdowns and stressful situations.It is also the cause of secondary amenorrhea may be more serious disease, such as inflammation of the uterus and its appendages, inflammation of the ovaries, tumor formation in the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

When hormonal dysfunction of the ovaries with the preservation of the pituitary and hypothalamic amenorrhea ovarian function occurs when the ovaries during the operation no menses.In contrast, ovarian, uterine amenorrhea is characterized by the normal functioning of the hypothalamus, pituitary and ovaries.However, the absence of menstruation occurs because of inflammatory lesions or birth injury of the endometrium - the sensitive inner layer of the uterus, due to which damage violated his reaction to the stimulation of hormones.

How can you cure the disease?

Treatment of primary amenorrhea is to eliminate or change the factors causing its occurrence.In the presence of anatomical abnormalities require surgery that can eliminate menstrual prevent outflow of existing in the structure of the genital organs of deviation.

girl with a delay in reproductive or physical disabilities should be assigned to a special diet to restore weight and hormone therapy to stimulate the menstrual function.In case of violation of emotional balance must be imposed and carried out treatment for his recovery and strengthen the nervous system.

When the diagnosis of secondary amenorrhea treatment is prescribed individually for each specific case.To restore normal menstrual cycle hormonal preparations are appointed on the basis of progestana, as part of which there are no analogues of the hormone estrogen.However, there are cases of treatment without the use of hormone therapy, subject to appropriate exercise, follow diets and proportional restoration of normal emotional state.

drug Duphaston with amenorrhea

When the diagnosis of amenorrhea, treatment depends on the severity and form of the disease.However, regardless of the type of illness, to restore the normal functioning of the ovaries should be assigned to a long course of treatment with hormonal drugs.

example, the progestogen drug, the active ingredient of which is digidrogesteron - Duphaston - used as maintenance and replacement therapy in primary and secondary amenorrhea.

Along with hormonal therapy for the treatment of amenorrhea are also appointed by exercise, a special diet, eliminating harmful factors that could have a negative impact on health.

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