Gynecological disease in women - what to fear

Gynecological diseases in women are by no means rare.The female reproductive system is very complicated in your device, and there may be a variety of deviations from the norm.That is why a separate gynecology, serious science and a full range of women's gynecological diseases described, perhaps, will never be possible.

However, an overview of major diseases and symptoms of the alleged violations of every woman should know.

Types of gynecological diseases

So, violations which are characteristic only for the female body, can be divided into three main groups:

  • tumor, hyperplastic and dystrophic.This is a disease in which the female genital organs arise tumors, both malignant and benign character polyps, fibroids, dysplasia and the like;
  • Endocrine.These diseases are caused by a violation of hormonal women.The girls they can grow in a variety of disorders of puberty, make it premature or retarded are also often observed failure of the menstrual cycle or abnormal development of reproductive organs
    .However, these diseases can be equally dangerous for adults, mature women: they may have amenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, uterine bleeding, and more.
  • Inflammatory.Gynecological inflammatory diseases characterized, perhaps the greatest variety: they have to share another three subgroups.They are pyoinflammatory (eg, adnexitis, endometritis, vulvitis), sexually transmitted infections (trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, candidiasis, and many others) and viral (tsitamegalovirus, genital herpes).

most typical gynecological diseases: what should be afraid of?

Gynecological disease in women can occur at any age.Unfortunately, gynecological problems in girls - are not uncommon: as a rule, they are endocrine in nature, in rare cases may occur tumor.

However, hormonal disorders are most common for girls who are still developing and are not sexually active: in adolescence are frequent delays in development or moving too fast, and irregular menstrual cycle occurs almost every second girl.Despite the fact that many of these disorders are age, with irregular cycle should consult a gynecologist.In general, the habit of visiting the gynecologist should make at least once a year with the onset of menses.

When a woman begins to be sexually active, fully manifest themselves inflammatory nature of the disease, but it is their easiest to prevent.The easiest way to do this, if you wear the right clothing (made of natural fabrics, not synthetic), to comply with all the rules of personal hygiene and protective measures during sexual acts.By the way, none of contraception other than condoms can not protect against sexually transmitted diseases through, so you should use a condom with any sexual partner, if you do not fully trust him in this regard.

As for the diseases that lead to tumors, they can occur at any age, but the additional risk is most often exposed to older women.Here the recommendation can only be one: maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular checkups at the gynecologist.

What to do if you still sick?Do not worry!Who is competent gynecologists treat many diseases: medications, procedures, special diet.By the way, sometimes even helps physiotherapy gynecological diseases!

Therefore, there is always a way to recover, and most importantly - find the one that is right for you.The main thing - do not tighten.At the first signs such as itching, burning sensation in the genital area.menstrual cycle, pain - in general, any problems - immediately contact your doctor checked.And once you find a good gynecologist, do not change it - it is very important to track the history of the disease in these situations.

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