Diffuse changes in the liver , their characteristics and causes of formation

diffuse liver changes determined after the US Department of typhoid, but that does not mean no diagnosis of disease.It turns out that focuses on the moment of increase in liver size, its functional tissue.Such a diffuse disorder can be hypertrophic, sclerotic, dystrophic, fibrous or swelling.

Diffuse changes mean that under the influence of any cause there are some violations of parenchymal structures, requiring additional diagnostic methods for the subsequent correction of the state.


diffuse liver changes in normal liver tissue are homogeneous structures with weak echogenicity, among which one can see the vessels and ducts with a high degree of echogenicity.

Diffuse changes in the liver parenchyma testify about changing the entire body tissue.It may be small functional abnormalities, or severe injury.In connection with the layouts, additional tests will be needed for accurate diagnosis.Primarily conducted laboratory techniques to help determine the level of damage to the liver.Also examine

d bile duct, duodenum kishkaYu pancreas, and when the need arises - and the state of all the other organs of the digestive system.

conclusion after ultrasound - diffusion liver - usually made in the development of viral forms of hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, with fatty degeneration and other disorders of metabolism in the liver.

For example, in the formation of fatty tissue in the body result of many pathologies of the liver markedly increased in size, ehopriznaki diffuse changes in the liver are increased compared with normal.In order to establish the causes of violations requires additional examination.

In the acute form of hepatitis liver of any nature undergoes widening, and its tissue is often characterized by ultrasound heterogeneous structure due to the presence of areas with varying degrees of echogenicity.It becomes possible to consider the size of enlarged lymph nodes in the liver.This picture may require further refinement through techniques.

It turns out that the conclusion of the ultrasonic diagnosis in itself only indicates the fact that the liver contains various changes, you can specify that due to additional diagnostic methods.

reasons for the formation of diffuse changes

known a huge amount of the alleged reasons for the formation of diffuse changes in the liver.Every cause that adversely affects the health of the liver, often already in the early stages provokes mild diffuse changes in the liver tissue.In addition to well-known bad habits and wrong unhealthy diet, the influence of bacteria, viruses causes include exposure to medications, and genetic abnormalities in the liver.Even when staying in places with bad environment, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer ultrasound will indicate diffuse abnormalities in the liver, even in young people.The same thing happens after a course of antibiotic treatment, after compliance with strict monotonous diets, while too rapid decrease or weight gain.

most dangerous diseases when ultrasound formation characterizes a pathological condition is metabolic organ damage, autoimmune abnormalities, medications hepatitis and other forms of hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholangitis, accompanied sclerotic changes.

Treatment and recovery in diffuse liver changes

If the diagnosis still showed diffuse changes in the liver structure, you should start to eat right.Rules for compiling the diet will be related to the fact, what pathologists develops in the destruction of the running processes.It is necessary to establish the cause of the disease.If it was the consequence of a wrong way of life, reducing treatment involves a revitalization dividing hepatocytes.

If diagnosis indicates the presence of the virus, it requires antiviral therapy and receiving antibacterial agents.Sometimes, even in the first step may require hospitalization the patient, especially when the diffusion was triggered by drinking alcohol.

sometimes need to restore the health of a regenerative therapy and blood purification from toxins have penetrated it from alcohol.

If the cause has not yet manifested itself clearly enough, then realized maintenance therapy and receive vitamin B complex.

If hepatomegaly develops, the obligatory organization of treatment.

Even if the liver is increased due to the influence of her many negative environmental factors, evidence of such a violation of the irreversibility of the pathological process, ie diseases, against which develops violations.In this situation it is important to pay due attention to the treatment and does not run any of the disease in order to prevent symptoms of serious complications.

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