Methods of prevention of hepatitis - general and specific measures

Hepatitis - an inflammatory disease of the liver tissue in violation of its functions.Treatment of the disease can be successful if it is timely.But very often it happens that the hepatitis is diagnosed too late and leads to irreversible complications, sometimes incompatible with life.It is therefore very important aspect of health is its prevention.

Common hepatitis prevention measures

known that viral hepatitis affect the liver are more likely causes, and cause severe consequences.In addition, there are viruses that are asymptomatic, creating all the conditions for the chronicity of the process.

For each species has its own peculiarities of prevention, but there are general rules that will help avoid the disease:

  • Hepatitis Prevention involves strict personal hygiene.This measure includes not only washing your hands, but also the use of individual household items (toothbrush, razor, nail clippers).
  • Observe hygiene measures before consuming food and water.If possible, it is better to expose pr
    oducts to heat treatment.If this is not possible, it is necessary to wash vegetables and fruits, and the water in any case do not drink without boiling.This is extremely necessary precautions acute hepatitis A, which is transmitted by the oral-fecal from a sick person.
  • avoid all contact with body fluids, especially blood.Since the virus B and C are transmitted only through hematogenous, this measure is necessary as prevention of hepatitis B and C.
  • not do piercings or tattoos untreated tools.The fact that hepatitis B virus is characterized by high survivability (several weeks) and to infect healthy human viruses required amount contained in 0,001 ml of blood.
  • Do not use a syringe for injection of drugs, even if you change the needle.The reason - the same (small amount of blood for infection).This so-called prevention of parenteral forms.
  • Avoid casual sex, but with frequent changes of partner to use a condom.This becomes especially important for the prevention of hepatitis B and C.

Specific prevention measures

Such measures are necessary for each individual case.There infestation "Vertical" - from mother to child, and the best measure to prevent a complete reorganization of the mother before pregnancy.If the disease occurred during pregnancy, all the measures of early treatment of the child must be respected.

is of particular importance and prevention of chronic hepatitis B, since it can be caused by undertreated or time has not discovered the hepatitis.To do this, in acute form to adhere to treatment, nutrition, biochemical assays for monitoring.This will help control the flow of the acute form of the disease.may not be With proper mode of treatment and the supply of the process of synchronization.

Prevention of toxic hepatitis (or drug) - a careful choice of drugs for the treatment of diseases.The best measure in this case - not to self-medicate, and to coordinate all appointments with your doctor.Especially it concerns the treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics, who have chronic hepatitis can be on a background of alcohol.Drugs used in the treatment, also are toxic, and can cause exacerbation of toxic hepatitis.

To prevent the possibility of infection with viral widely used specific prevention of hepatitis B vaccination and which has practically no contraindications and no side effects on the body.The vaccine is administered Neonatal scheme from the first day of birth, as well as to adults and older children under the special scheme.A vaccine for the prevention of hepatitis Vnaznachaetsya on the testimony even pregnant and lactating women.

There are times when there is contact with an infected person, but people will know about it after contact.This is mainly medical workers, who are more likely to collide with the blood of sick people.

In this case, you will need an emergency warning hepatitis C - it had contacted all the people on the scheme introduced Alpha Interferon and Ribaverin Meduna.The duration of this emergency prevention of hepatitis C - 1 month.100% guarantee if it is not, but still creates a high degree of security.

Currently developed extra measure of prevention of hepatitis B. In this case the person who was in contact, are administered simultaneously specific immunoglobulin and vaccine.It is desirable that these measures have been taken within 2 weeks after exposure and possible infection.

emergency prevention method will depend on the route of possible human infection:

  • If the infection occurred through sexual contact, the person with the purpose of prophylaxis is administered a vaccine against hepatitis B and specific immunoglobulin.The vaccine takes effect within 2 weeks, but before the first time of the day starts prevention specific immunoglobulin.
  • In contact through everyday, it is necessary to determine whether the injured person HBsAG-carrier antigen.In that case it is not found, vaccination start to produce in the normal way, that is, make a 3-fold administration of the vaccine (0, 3 and 6 months).If a person is a carrier HBsAG-antigen, the vaccine is administered at the same time, and immunoglobulin.

There are cases that the injured person has recently started to take a standard vaccination.In this case, making the vaccine once, and then it continues to do for the scheme.

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