Proper nutrition for hepatitis C, and diet is the key to successful recovery

Hepatitis C - an infectious disease affecting primarily the liver.It may be acute and chronic in nature, thus disposing of the human body at will.This disease is a long-term cure it for a couple of months - will not succeed.For this reason, all the factors that may somehow contribute to the recovery - is not just important, but vital.getting proper nutrition for hepatitis to one of the most important recovery nuances.That's what we'll talk about it.

Power hepatitis with

It's no secret that when hepatitis C - the most complicated form of the disease, which develops almost immediately in contact with the virus in the blood.Infected tattoo machine, a syringe or a previously used disposable instruments - and the virus will make the way to the most complex blood cells.The process of multi-stage treatment and quite time consuming, which is why products for hepatitis C should undergo special screening: human patient table should get only the best, and the only approved a special diet.

From what you can eat at a hepatitis, special attention should be given vitamins.Vitamins for hepatitis with not only recommended, but necessary to the patient.Everything else should be the daily norm must come not only through food but also through multi-complexes, serve as a good example of "Centrum" and "Vitrum".

Please note that with such a disease, infected on the table must be present the following products:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • variety of dairy products;
  • meat (boiled);
  • Fish (lean varieties);
  • legumes;
  • cereals;
  • porridge (required on milk and of whole grains, such as rice or buckwheat);
  • wholegrains.
  • seeds, nuts;
  • berries.

As you can see, useful products for hepatitis C - a sample of proper nutrition, which also allows the body to heal and give him the strength to adequate resistance.Perhaps the only thing that can be added to the above list: this is the consumption of large amounts of fluid.Not soda, soups, juices, green tea - all this will help bring the body of toxins and ensure a speedy recovery.

From what you can eat in hepatitis, you must completely eliminate the sweet, salty and fatty foods, which shall not be any good, but only in vain load on the liver.Similar dishes in hepatitis C can disrupt the already fragile chemical balance in the body, causing a rise in blood sugar.Complete all it can very badly, because an unhealthy diet during illness reduces the effectiveness of drugs.If the patient wants to get better, at least for a while, canned foods, convenience foods, frozen foods, alcohol and coffee have become his enemies.

Menu's disease

menu for patients with hepatitis is very similar to other dietary options.To some extent the patient to be envied, because even healthy people do not always pay attention to what they consume.The food, which can afford infected, replete with all kinds of useful trace elements and vitamins, which in all its splendor, are not only edible but delicious.

only thing that pays special attention to nutritionists - is ginger.Many housewives, firmly convinced that he is able to cure any disease.Yes, as a rule, Ginger - a great seasoning for hepatitis noimbir - definitely contraindicated.Use it, without harm to the body, and without it, it is quite difficult.Only folk Tibetan medicine knows how to mix and match all kinds of ginger with traditional products.That is why, not worth the risk!

Diet for Hepatitis itself is very gentle in nature, most liver releases from potential loads.The main menu is a fractional character, sharing all the food on 5 receptions.Experts say that all dishes should be prepared for a couple (in extreme cases - to boil), and prior to use it is best to grind it, turning into a light puree.Everything else, you need to monitor the temperature of food, which should be the most comfortable for the individual organism.Here is just an example of this menu:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese, oatmeal porridge and tea.
  • Second breakfast: an apple.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled lean meat, fruit compote.
  • Dinner: boiled fish with mashed potatoes and tea.
  • before bedtime: kefir, cookies.

Recipes dietary dishes for hepatitis

In fact, they do not require anything supernatural.The most important (and perhaps the only) condition - the food should be cooked.Nothing fried or salty just should not fall sick person in the eye, because it is really difficult - and take the time to completely overhaul your diet.The question of how to eat for hepatitis C - a lot of people worried.The carrier of hepatitis B virus is simply obliged to love all kinds of cheese and dairy products, whether it's "Snow", "Kefir", or cheese.

All kinds of mashed potatoes, whether vegetables (eg, carrots) and potatoes - must take a firm place in the diet.In addition, they saturate the body, such food does not cause any problems and not make the diseased liver to perform extra work.

patient can cook finely chopped boiled spaghetti, adding to one egg or omelet protein.On the one hand it is delicious, the other useful.Also, the benefit will bring all kinds of dumplings, puddings, and casseroles.Meals for hepatitis to exclude the addition of sugar, but it allows you to replace it with natural products: that is sweet berries or fruit.Casserole with bananas or apples will satisfy even the most refined gourmet.

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