Botulism Treatment and Prevention

In cases where a doctor after interrogation and examination of the patient has a reasonable suspicion of botulism - treatment should be initiated immediately, even to clarify the diagnosis and to obtain the results of microbiological, serological and bacteriological examination.

In most cases requires medical supervision for people who have fallen into the possible focus of infection - botulism disease is now even with the timely start of treatment can be cured not always using modern resuscitation equipment, effective drugs and carrying out the serological therapy.

reason botulism

Everyone should remember that the disease botulism - a disease caused by becomes a microorganism (it can safely enough to dwell in the large intestine of healthy people), and the toxin produced by the botulism stick in a medium deficient in her oxygen.

It is because it is believed that the most common cause of the disease becomes a use in canned food, which is present in the pathogen of botulism.

most dangerous are:

  • mushroom canned food, especially cooked wild mushrooms;
  • canned meats and sausages, ham, corned beef, not subjected to heat treatment during cooking, and hermetically closed prior to use;
  • canned fish and products made from fish.

In addition, there is a possibility of botulism in contact with the open soil wound contaminated with spores - which is why surgeons never make suturing of wounds received in the community, at least 6 hours after their preparation or at threat of falling into their soilor intestinal contents.

botulism disease - particularly the development of

man can not harm the vegetative forms and spores of the pathogen - dangerous only botulinum toxin, which is actively absorbed into the bloodstream in the small intestine.

Severity of symptoms and time of reception of the product food containing botulinum toxin, dependent on the dose of the substance, and individual responsiveness of the patient - which is why some people have symptoms of the disease manifest themselves much stronger than the other, even if the use of the samefood.

The main feature of the disease become progressively paralyzes, which eventually can become a cause of increasing respiratory distress and of inflammatory respiratory diseases (severe pneumonia) - the state in most cases, can become a cause of death of the patient in the event thatif treatment was not initiated in a timely manner.

The consequences of this disease the stronger than before after eating contaminated food from the patient having symptoms of the disease.

Botulism - treatment

Despite the fact that the cause of disease is pathogenic anaerobic organisms, for its treatment is of great importance not only medication, but also the nursing process in botulism, providing for the organization of the care of the patient.

Treatment of botulism includes:

  1. Appointment probe gastric lavage and high enemas siphon with mandatory use 5 % solution of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) - alkaline solution accelerates the decomposition of toxins in the intestines.In addition, it shows the assignment enterosorbents - enterosgelya, activated carbon.
  2. for binding and neutralization of toxin circulating in the blood serum is injected protivobotulinicheskaya method Alexandre Besredka - if analyzed, then injected intradermally monovalent serum corresponding to the detected type of the pathogen.In cases where the analysis was not conducted, it is not expected result, and administered by the same method polyvalent serum corresponding to types of the causative agent, most often detected in a given locality.
  3. to destroy vegetative forms, which may be of a hypothetical danger prescribe antibiotics broad-spectrum inside, at the doses prescribed by the doctor.
  4. If it is necessary to immediately appoint conduct detoxification therapy and resuscitation, including mechanical ventilation.

Botulism - prevention of disease

main preventive measure becomes renunciation of eating canned suspicious - with swollen lids.In addition, heat treatment is desired to re any home canning before use.


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