Diet hepatitis , its principles and the composition of the products

Hepatitis B - is an inflammatory process in the liver tissue.The most common viral hepatitis A, B, C. But sometimes you may encounter with such forms of hepatitis, as an alcoholic and a drug.In the treatment of inflammatory disease are used, detoxification, immunnokorrigiruyuschie, hormonal agents.But the most important in the treatment of all types of the disease is dieting.

diet for hepatitis

diet for hepatitis is a complete overhaul of lifestyle and consciousness of man.It is very important not just to implement the recommendations in the treatment of, and consciously abide by the diet.The diet should be gentle, regular batch.

liver itself as a biological filter performs dozens of functions in the human body, so the correct diet, recommended by a dietician, to avoid complications and to deal with any form of hepatitis.Diet is necessary to relieve the diseased liver.

Diet with hepatitis begins with the prohibition of products that may have an adverse effect on liver tissue.These include:

  • fried food.
  • Acute and other spices containing food.
  • Alcohol.
  • marinades containing acetic acid.
  • Animal fats.
  • uncontrolled use of self-medication.
  • Food dye and sweeteners (soft drinks included).
  • Sweet.
  • vegetables grown using chemicals.

products recommended for use in hepatitis:

  • Cereals (cereals, soups).
  • lean fish.
  • Soybean.
  • milk products.
  • Lean fresh milk and cheese.
  • Vegetable soups.
  • Fresh fruits (sour).
  • Eggs.
  • Avocado.

These recommendations can be followed for any types of hepatitis, including alcohol and drugs.Diet after hepatitis A is the most common type, is observed not less than six months.

Patients often the question arises, what diet for hepatitis C and is there any difference?Diet for patients with hepatitis C has its own characteristics, since during this hepatitis is different from other forms of the erased clinical picture and often asymptomatic.The absence of symptoms should not be an indication for the abolition of the diet.

Recipes for patients with hepatitis C

  • exception of alcohol, drinks with caffeine.Salted
  • diet (up to 2 grams of salt per day).
  • Exclusion from the diet of red and fatty meats, fatty fish unit vectors.
  • exception of canned food and pickles.
  • exception of smoked and fried foods.

diet in chronic hepatitis intended to limit exercise, fractional and frequent meals in small portions.

When hepatitis usually given a table number 5 5. The purpose of the diet or diet 5 with hepatitis C is to improve bile flow from the liver and liver protection from the harmful effects of various foods.With this diet is maintained normal content of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as the limited intake of animal fats.

to diet in the treatment of hepatitis C is recommended boiled, stewed and baked dishes, preferably meat and vegetables after cooking coarse mince or grater.Soups should be only vegetables, cereals can be.milk soups with pasta also recommended a vegetarian soup and beetroot.You do not eat fatty meat broth, mushrooms and fish soups, okroshka and green cabbage.

Diet in toxic form of the disease includes low-fat or fat-free meat and poultry without skin, lamb, rabbit, lean pork, turkey.Patients can cook cabbage rolls, rice from the cooked meat.You can not eat meat of goose and duck, as well as the liver.

Diet in viral form is not much different from other types of diets for this disease.Because milk products are recommended to use kefir, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese or bold, cheese dishes (dumplings, puddings, casseroles).

diet includes the use of mild and low-fat cheese and sour cream for a filling soup.In addition, you can have an omelette from eggs, and sometimes boiled eggs.You can not have a steep or fried eggs.

From pastry recommend yesterday's bread without yeast pastries with cheese, fish or boiled meat, dry biscuits.From pasta can be used for hepatitis solid varieties of pasta boiled.It is impossible to use fresh yeast bread and butter, fried dough.

When using cereals need to remember that the diet does not contain hepatitis legume cereals as legumes cause bloating and give the burden on the liver.This becomes especially important for the diet with alcoholic hepatitis.

Vegetables can use boiled or raw.Good to eat sour sauerkraut, but it is necessary to exclude from the diet of green onions, garlic, sorrel, radishes, radish, mushrooms.Fresh vegetables can be cooked salad and season with vegetable oil.Useful vinaigrettes, salads, seafood, salads, fresh fruit.

the appointment of diet recipes for simple meals.Meals are mostly either frayed or boiled or steamed.You can make the blank of lean meat (meatballs) and lay them in the freezer.To do this, double-meat scroll through a meat grinder, add to it dried apricots, milk, egg, salt to taste.Cooking meatballs did not take long.They are typically prepared in an oven, watering cream or in a double boiler.

Another useful recipe - cheesecakes and carrot.For this Grate carrots, add a little vegetable oil, semolina and a little boil.Then add cheese, egg, sugar and flour.Cook in the oven cheesecakes can be.

Before you assign a diet with drug-induced hepatitis, you need to find a drug has a toxic effect on the liver.It is necessary not only to find the drug and exclude it, but also to find an adequate replacement for him.It must be remembered that the removal of the drug can, on the one hand, to improve the condition of the liver, and on the other hand, worsen the overall condition of the patient.

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