signs and symptoms of ascariasis As manifested ?

Ascariasis - a parasitic disease caused by Ascaris have human.In most cases, the disease occurs in areas with warm and humid climate, but also regularly detected cases of infection in our country.Statistics show that ascariasis infected more than 1 billion people worldwide.

roundworm human belongs to the order of roundworms.Developing these worms go through several stages.If a person swallows mature eggs of Ascaris, is its infection develops intestinal ascariasis.It was there from the eggs begin to emerge larvae which then penetrate the intestinal membrane into the blood of man.

Thus, larvae enter first into the lungs and then into the bronchi, throat and returned to the digestive tract, where in the small intestine of adults in turn, are fixed and begin to lay eggs.The duration of the existence and development of these worms - about a year, during this time females actively lay their eggs (about 240 thousand eggs per day).Eggs and mixed with the feces enter the soil, allowing them to move again

and again on the way described above.

reasons manifestations of ascariasis at adults and children

factor transmission of the infection - is the soil.of Ascaris eggs in the feces of an infected person get into the soil and is stored there live for many years.Ascariasis most common in children - symptoms of the infection as well as in adults.Children are more prone to this infection because they have a habit of constantly poke fingers in the mouth, regardless of whether they are clean or dirty.In addition, they often come into contact with the ground: the games in the sandbox or on the playground, while walking in the woods or in the park.

In addition, of Ascaris eggs can enter the body with food.They are both on grass and on vegetables, fruits, herbs.If you use these products are unwashed, can be infected with ascariasis.

symptoms and signs of illness

When roundworm enters the human body, they cause a lot of inconvenience to him.During migration of Ascaris through the lungs ascaridosis signs manifest themselves in the form of fever, cough, and pain in the sternum area.When parasites enter the intestine and increase in size, they start to impede the progress of food through the digestive tract, which leads to deterioration of the digestion and absorption of food nutrients.

At diagnosis symptoms of ascariasis in some cases look like a violation of the stool, nausea, intermittent abdominal pain, loss of appetite, frequent colds, weakness, and weight loss.When roundworm enter the body, they begin to secrete gut toxic waste products, which may give rise to allergic skin rash.

Also, there are cases where the roundworm obstruct the lumen of the intestine or bile duct.This mechanical obturating leads to problems such as intestinal obstruction, biliary colic, appendicitis, cholangitis and cholecystitis.Ascariasis

Sometimes symptoms in adults as well as children, and may not manifest itself.In this case, a year after infection roundworm just die and get out of the body along with the feces.

Diagnosis and prevention ascaridosis

But how to identify ascariasis?For any of a professional lab that does not make much effort.To reliably establish the presence of infection should be tested for ascariasis.In the presence of the first phase of the disease in sputum find larvae of Ascaris.In addition, chest radiography in this step may show infiltrates.

If the disease is passed into the intestinal phase, the main method of diagnosis is a study of the patient's feces on eggs of Ascaris.You can get more information from X-ray with contrast bowel and abdominal ultrasound.

to this infection was not included in the body, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • thoroughly wash products that may have contact with the ground (vegetables, fruits or herbs);
  • or after contact with the ground, double wash their hands with soap and water;
  • not give the baby to pull the land into his mouth, and teach him to wash their hands after playing outside;
  • accommodate children's sandboxes to the sun and regularly loose sand;
  • not give children to play outdoor footwear;
  • Weekly wet cleaning of the house.

If it is suspected ascariasis, should immediately seek medical attention.Upon confirmation of the diagnosis of ascariasis treatment is carried out by special drugs rather than traditional medicine, so do not self-medicate.To confirm the effectiveness of the treatment, the patient takes control study - with the successful outcome of Ascaris eggs in the feces will not be detected.

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