How is gonorrhea : pathway

Gonorrhea is the most common and dangerous diseases.Its causative agent is the gonococcus, which, falling on the mucous membranes, resulting in the emergence and development of infectious process.Intrigue gonorrhea is that in the initial stage and even chronic, it can does not manifest itself.According to statistics, 70% of women do not even know about the presence of the disease.

As for men, they have to diagnose the pathology easier, although among the stronger sex is not uncommon asymptomatic disease.Scientists and doctors have noted that in recent years the number of patients suffering from this disorder in a latent form, has risen sharply because of hobbies people taking antibiotics that changed the biological properties of the pathogen.The danger is that in the absence of external signs of support is very contagious to others.

As passed gonokokki

Sexual contact

Infection with gonorrhea often possible as a result of unprotected sexual intercourse with any contact form.The causative agent of t

he disease is transferred from one partner to another, even with petting and contact with incomplete penetration.In normal sexual intercourse is the focus of inflammation of the mucous urogenital organs, for anal sex occurs defeat the rectal mucosa, at oral contact - mouth.

women Infection through sexual contact happens much more frequently than men infected.The reason for the "selectivity" is explained by the peculiarities of the female reproductive organs: as the vaginal mucosa has a folded structure, gonococci easily collected on the walls of the body and cervix.Some women naively believe that you can avoid infection by douching.But it should be noted that this procedure does not guarantee protection from the disease.There are some statistics indicating that 99% of women infected as a result of even a single contact.

How do you get gonorrhea sex with men?Strong floor a little more secure than a weak, because it does not always highlight penetrate into the small opening of the urethra.Even when held penetrating pathogens during ejaculation can go along with the flow of sperm.To reduce the risk of infection to the man enough to urinate after intercourse.Together with the urine are isolated and trapped in the body gonococci.However, these methods are quite unreliable.The percentage of possible infection increases many times, if the contact occurs during menstruation, as a favorite place of concentration of gonococci is the uterus, besides allocating contain a lot of bacteria.

As already mentioned, gonorrhea in women often occurs without any symptoms.Thus, the carrier of the disease can spread the infection without knowing about its presence.

child transmission from mother

How is gonorrhea kid?

Infection occurs during movement of the fetus through the birth canal of the sick woman.Often a child affected mucosa of the eye, resulting in developing gonococcal conjunctivitis, which can lead to serious complications, including blindness.With regard to the development of inflammation in the genital organs of infants, most often this disease affects female children - also because of their anatomical structure.Given the health risks of the baby pregnant obliged to undergo a full examination for the presence of any infection, get tested and monitored by a specialist while carrying a child.

Infection household way

Oddly enough, there are also domestic routes of transmission of gonorrhea.At the time, it was widely believed that this type of infection was invented by Soviet doctors to justify the high-ranking officials, who did not miss the opportunity to change their wives.In fact, domestic infection is possible - albeit in very rare cases.

Gonokokki hardy only in the human body and die quickly under the influence of environmental factors, so that infected without direct contact is difficult, but possible: the use of common towels, hygiene items, bed or of underwear, soap and water.There is a risk of infection even in a spoon or other utensils.In this case, the focus of inflammation located in the mouth.This condition can be confused with angina.

For all the variety of ways the infection is easily diagnosed with gonorrhea.At the slightest sign of illness, after accidental contact should be tested for the presence of the pathogen.Gonorrhea is dangerous in itself, and that often leads to very serious complications: the pathological process may spread to all the major organs and systems.Only the timely treatment provide complete deliverance from disease.

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