ascaridosis Treatment folk methods

Ascariasis - a bot, which is characterized by the migration of the larvae in the human body, including the further development of mature individuals in the intestine of the patient.Clinically, the disease is manifested by an allergic reaction, and abdominal syndrome.

Diagnostics ascaridosis

To diagnose ascariasis use coprogram method (detection of larvae and eggs of parasites in the feces of humans).A more reliable way is considered serology (detection of antibodies in the blood) - in this case, the patient must take a blood test to ascariasis.

Ascariasis has such features:

  • abdominal pain (may suddenly arise and immediately pass);
  • mild jaundice, often pale skin;
  • low body weight (in children);
  • lack of appetite and aversion to food;
  • nausea, vomiting, increased salivation;
  • constipation, diarrhea, or vice versa;
  • frequent colds;
  • presence of worms or their fragments in the faeces.

worth noting that the diagnosis methods that were mentioned above, are only valid when mature Ascaris already

laid eggs.Therefore, in other cases you can use the bio-resonance method, which will help to identify and adult ascarids, and their larvae and eggs.

Therapies ascaridosis

The conventional treatment of ascariasis in adult patients is the use of anthelmintic medicinal products, for example, Vermoxum (mebendazole).However, the drug can lead to increased physical activity helminths causing antistalsis may happen, vomiting and entering the respiratory tract of parasites.For this reason, children Vermoxum appointed only in exceptional cases.

addition of specific drugs, the patient should take a multivitamin and enzyme preparations.If you have anemia, iron supplements are also appointed and provide a full protein diet.In severe disease ascariasis treatment is carried out by injecting solutions of calcium chloride, calcium gluconate and ascorbic acid.In frequent cases, complications arise that require surgical intervention.

But how to treat ascariasis, if a person has the idiosyncrasy of drugs?An effective remedy for this disease is oxygen.It is administered in the morning with the help of gastric umbrella on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after the first meal for 2-3 days.The amount of oxygen injected in one session, is 1500 ml.After the procedure, the patient must lie down for a couple of hours.

This treatment method has its contraindications, which include peptic ulcer disease and inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity.

After 3 weeks carried out monitoring the effectiveness of treatment by three times the study of feces of the patient.

Treatment of ascariasis in children

The disease is very common among young children.Since timely diagnosis is very rare, ascariasis the child is found at the stage of serious complications.Since cure ascariasis in a child?

Unlike pinworm roundworm from the child's body does not itself appear.Full redemption only medical intervention may give these parasites.In addition, parents should be aware that the disease can not be cured only herbal remedies or herbal teas.All funds of this type can only be a supplement to the basic treatment.

When diagnosed with "ascariasis" treatment should appoint or doctor, or the doctor-parasitology.In addition to the drug affects the ascarids, the child is shown to take allergy medications, and medications to improve intestinal motility and normalization of microflora.If the child is in the period of the disease is breast-fed, mothers must continue to feed your baby breast for at least 2-3 months.

Antibiotics and immunoukreplyayuschaya therapy applied only with frequent inflammation of the airways.After recovery, the child actually spend tempering procedures.

Therapy ascaridosis folk remedies

Traditional methods of treatment of ascariasis are mainly used because of the high toxicity of drugs that are assigned in this disease.However, we must not forget that the self can lead to serious health complications, so you should always consult with your doctor beforehand.

Garlic and milk against ascariasis

Boil a head of garlic in 200 ml of milk - it should be soft.The broth cool and strain in the form of heat.At night, an enema should be put out of the broth.This recipe can be used for children, and the need to reduce the volume of enema 2 times (minimum volume - 70 mL).Enema should be put on the night for one week.

Onions against ascariasis

To prepare a tincture of onion, you need to chop the onions, and place it in the container by filling it halfway.Fill the bowl to the brim with vodka or alcohol.Leave to infuse the onion for 10 days.Adults take this tool on 1 -2st.l.2 times a day for several days.

To treat a child bow to pour water (200 ml).The mixture was infused for 12 hours.The infusion given once a day child 70-100 ml for 4 days.

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