Hepatitis C Treatment of folk remedies

Hepatitis C - a very dangerous and very insidious infectious disease that affects the liver.The danger lies not only in the treatment of complex pathologies, its rapid transformation of chronic and severe complications, but in the absence of specific symptoms.Simply put, the majority of patients with this pathology exhibit or in the last step, or completely by accident - for example, when checking the blood during donation, the diagnosis of other diseases or during a scheduled scan.

According to experts, the predominant number of patients with hepatitis C occurs only at the stage when the body has already pronounced changes occurred, which is regarded by doctors as late detection.Thus, the disease most often detected after approximately five years after infection.Among other dangerous features of this disease, doctors also called the insensitivity of some forms of the virus to the drug therapy, increased pathogen's ability to modification and the absence of antiviral vaccines.

How to cure hepatitis

diagnosis of "hepatitis C" has a significant impact on the patient's life.From the fact that until the end of life of the patient have to contend with a chronic serious illness, a person may feel anger and aggression, depressed.

Traditionally, the treatment of hepatitis C depends on how much the virus has damaged the liver, its genotype, and the virus spread through the body.In addition, as much it depends on the general health of the patient.Treatment in this case is not ideal output as medications used in this case are very expensive, have serious side effects and is not always valid.The question of whether hepatitis C treatment specialists versed in each particular case.

main objective to achieve a targeted treatment for hepatitis C - the elimination of the pathogen disease from the body as soon as possible, to prevent serious liver problems.The duration of therapy depends on the type of infection, the disease, the type of virus trigger the development of the disease and response to drugs used by doctors.

addition to traditional medication, there are also popular treatments for hepatitis C. About how effective and appropriate use of different means and herbs for hepatitis C should first consult your doctor and then start therapy.

Therapies folk remedies

recommended to start treatment of this disease as soon as the pathology was diagnosed.Tighten with this not worth it, because the consequences can be very dire.Due to the fact that modern medicine, unfortunately, are not very effective or not at all has no vaccine against this disease, many people choose to use as a folk medicine treatments for hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C treatment with herbs - a relatively effective, but neitherone treatment will not bring the desired effect, if the patient does not belong properly to their health.So, using the traditional treatments for hepatitis C, the patient should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, give up all his bad habits, reduce the amount of stress.

Traditional recipes from hepatitis C

No matter what form of hepatitis was diagnosed in a patient, there is a possibility of using herbal remedies.Herbal preparations are used to stimulate the regeneration of liver cells, elimination of dyspeptic phenomena and enhance bile secretion.

Many patients respond well enough to treatment of this disease with the help of lemon juice and baking soda.The recipe of this treatment is fairly simple - juice of one lemon mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda.Received funds should drink 5 minutes after cooking.Course of treatment lasting three days, with breaks of 3-4 days prior to the patient's condition does not improve.

quite effectively and has proved to be a popular treatment for hepatitis C using a special collection consisting of rose hips, birch leaves, St. John's wort, grass cudweed, dandelion roots, fruits, fennel, calendula flowers, celandine herbs and corn stigmas.The mixture of these substances in certain proportions should add 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse for seven hours.

resulting broth should be taken three times a day, for a while before eating.In addition, it is recommended to take this facility in the first half of the day, brewing it into honey water.Total required to conduct three courses of this treatment intermittently in six weeks.

Relatively high efficacy in the treatment of diseases such as hepatitis C People meditsinapripisyvaet following recipe - in a glass of mineral water have to squeeze half a lemon juice and add a tablespoon of honey.

In addition, experts believe that hepatitis C is very good for the body a variety of fresh juices.It is recommended to drink 2-3 times a day to drink a glass of fresh cabbage juice.It is also possible to add thereto beet juice, but in a small quantity - approximately a quarter cup.By the way, it is necessary to push them for 4-8 hours before consumption of juices.

Naturopaths who study different active natural substances found in the leaves of blueberries there is a special enzyme that promotes the successful struggle of the organism with the hepatitis C virus So often traditional healers advise patients with this disease to drink fresh juicesfruit drinks and blueberry, to use it in a small amount of berries.However, the highest content of useful enzymes, blocking the action of the virus, found in the leaves of bilberry.

Unconventional treatment

Patients diagnosed with a chronic form of hepatitis C, it is recommended to use all possible means to stop the development of pathology.During treatment should abandon the use of alcohol, drugs and receiving any food additives and adhere to proper diet until such time as the doctor will not allow.

vaccines against such diseases as hepatitis C does not exist, but modern medicine has a fairly effective vaccines against other forms of the disease - A and B. The experts recommend certain vaccinations against them to protect themselves against further liver problems.You can also try to treat hepatitis C, folk remedies, but before treatment you should consult with your doctor.

In any case, with such a disease like hepatitis C treatment folk remedies will bring the expected effect only in the event that the patient will adhere to proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.Patients should be aware that feel tired, knowing the diagnosis of "hepatitis C", that's fine.In this case you should just relax more and work less.You may also wish to exercise, but should not be abused workouts.

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