Peritonsillar abscess - where there is a disease and how to fight it

peritonsillar abscess - an inflammation that occurs in the tissue okolomindalinovoy.It occurs due to the fact that a certain infection (eg, staphylococcus or streptococcus) hit okolomindalinovuyu fiber, when the total resistance to infection is greatly reduced.As a rule, the disease does not appear as an independent disease, but as a form of complication that can occur after a person suffers chronic tonsillitis for a long time.

Before peritonsillar abscess occurs, the patient pereterpevaet complicated angina (ie, acute tonsillitis over), while in the tonsils are processes of scarring tissue.As a result, there are disturbances in the outflow of the lacunae of tonsils purulent discharge, which is a prerequisite for peretecheniya infection directly from the tonsils in okolomindalinovye cavity.Symptoms of the disease

How to find out what you exactly peritonsillar abscess?As a rule, the disease process flows unilaterally.After a person recovers from the acute inflammation of the tonsils (tons

illitis), there are complaints of sharp pain in the throat that occurs during swallowing.After some time, the pain no longer take place, and the patient feels a sharp increase in pain when you try to swallow anything, even saliva.

peritonsillar abscess in children, by the way, takes approximately the same symptoms as adults:

  • headaches, weakness, a feeling of a certain ailment, then the temperature rises to a temperature level in angina - 39-40 degrees;
  • pain ceases to be felt only in the throat, and you can feel its impact in the ears or teeth;
  • speech becomes slurred and nasal, marked disruption of sleep;
  • peritonsillar abscess may be the place to be if there is an increase of lymph nodes;
  • displacement of the tongue in the opposite direction;
  • presence of any bleeding in the throat - this is a complication immediately after peritonsillar abscess.

Gives in whether peritonsillar abscess treated?

Of course, it is much easier to prevent a disease than to cure.If your doctor has diagnosed you peritonsillar abscess, it is usually recommended to put a hot compress on the neck.Packs can be both dry and oily.Also worth a try rinsing various broths, such as chamomile or eucalyptus.

If you have the chance, pass the steam inhalation using the mineral water.The food you eat, be sure to be warm and take the form of a liquid, as cold and solid food injure his throat.

Unfortunately, peritonsillar abscess can not always be cured by such means.Sometimes the doctor advises an autopsy peritonsillar abscess.This kind of surgical procedure, which is to bring the pus from the area around the tonsils.Usually, this procedure is very painful and sometimes require repeated its implementation, but it is often very good for peritonsillar abscess.

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