How to identify the symptoms of high blood pressure and time to get rid of them ?

Hypertension today is one of the common diseases.Doctors note and is the fact that from year disease increasingly younger in the year, that is, it is not only exposed to people of mature and old age, but also young people.What explains this fact, doctors have not yet found.Among the many suggestions it may be noted a genetic predisposition, environmental pollution, abuse of alcohol and energy drinks, smoking.Some experts suggest that the cause of high blood pressure at an early age and is abnormally hot summer, which has been observed for several years.

townsfolk used the term to refer to increases or decreases in blood pressure - hypertension - denotes not a disease - a condition of the muscles of vessels or arterioles.And to refer to blood pressure instability, the terms hypertension or hypertension.

But the worst, probably, for most cases hypertension is that it almost does not manifest itself, and so many people learn about it only upon the occurrence of complications of the disease in the form of

a stroke or heart attack.Such an asymptomatic course of the disease can last for quite a long time, up to several years.

But if hypertension symptoms appeared, the doctors believe it is a good sign.After all, they mean that the patient may be time to begin treatment.
main symptom of essential hypertension is considered a permanent high blood pressure.Other symptoms doctors treated substantially in accordance with the stages of hypertension.There are three degrees of hypertension: mild, moderate and severe.In accordance with the degrees of hypertension has the following characteristics:

  • first or mild.Symptoms at this stage: the blood pressure of the patient is in the range of 140-159 / 90-99 mm Hg.Art.Independently identify the disease is impossible, even doctors often confuse the symptoms of hypertension 1 degree with symptoms of a cold start-up, or simply fatigue.If the disease is identified at this stage and started the appropriate treatment, the patient has a good chance to achieve a full recovery.
  • second average disease.Symptoms of hypertension of 2 degrees - a severe headache, dizziness.The patient has severe pain in the heart.Very often suffer fundus blood vessels that can lead to glaucoma and subsequent blindness.Deteriorating performance, a person does not sleep well.Sometimes there may be nosebleeds.BP indicates 160-179 / 100-109.
  • When the third degree of the disease symptoms become more pronounced.Blood pressure greater than 180/110 mm.Hg.Art.One of the symptoms of hypertension in the third degree - is the appearance of irreversible changes in the heart activity.What is fraught with the further development of hypertension complications such as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.Hypertension complicated shape can trigger a patient such severe brain damage as stroke and encephalopathy.It affects retina fundus, at the same time, these lesions are irreversible.The patient develops chronic renal failure.

have hypertension, second and third degree can sometimes be a "symptom" as a hypertensive crisis.It occurs only in one case, when the patient feels relief of their condition and therefore independently decides to stop taking drugs.

When kidney damage develops renal hypertension.It has its own symptoms.For example, symptoms of renal hypertension is considered to be elevated diastolic pressure.Pulse pressure is low at the same time.

very important symptom in renal hypertension is a clinical sign of both systolic and diastolic murmur.It is usually tapped in the projection of the renal arteries.This noise can be heard better in patients with atherosclerotic renal artery in epigastric area above the navel.And if the patient fibromuscular hyperplasia of the noise can be heard above the navel.Sometimes it can be heard from the back.

However, some doctors do not consider systolic murmur absolute sign of renal hypertension.Sometimes the same indication exists and in patients without renal artery stenosis.

Another obvious symptom of hypertension in kidney lesions in blood pressure is considered to be an asymmetry in the patient's limbs.

One-third of patients with hypertension disease can develop into a malignant form.Symptoms of malignant hypertension - frequent attacks of angina.Functional renal failure is also recognized as the symptoms of hypertension.Other symptoms in malignant form: in the blood increase indican, residual nitrogen, and oliguria azotomicheskaya uremia.

This large blood pressure is practically not reduced medication.Besides all this it is very often complicated by stroke, heart attack, hypertensive crises.And often all this can end in death of the patient.

Therefore, almost all people need to very carefully watching their blood pressure and a constant increase in his address to the doctor.

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