How to treat hypertension folk remedies ?

If there hypertension, treatment should always be comprehensive, permanent and long-term, as high blood pressure poses a danger to health and in particular has a negative effect on the target organs.The bodies of the targets referred to those bodies, which have the smallest blood vessels - is the heart, kidneys, brain.

Complex therapy involves control of excess weight, diet, active movement and takzhenarodnye treatment of hypertension.folk remedies Treatment is particularly effective at the first sign of hypertension and symptoms in the early stages of the disease.

Why hypertension arises?

Hypertension or pressure increase - is the body's response to the difficulty of blood flow through the vessels.If the blood flow is disturbed, then the cells and tissues receives less oxygen and nutrients, and as a consequence, there is tissue hypoxia.Cells die, if within 2 minutes of not getting oxygen, so the heart is trying by all means to deliver oxygen.

obstacle to the delivery of food and oxygen can be a sha

rp spasm of blood vessels, the kidneys work, in which stands out a lot of the hormone adrenaline, cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels and blood clots in the bloodstream.Therefore, the diagnosis of hypertension, treatment of folk remedies aimed primarily at addressing the causes which could cause hypertension.

General principles of treatment of hypertension folk remedies

in different stages of hypertension, its main symptom is high blood pressure, which may cause a rupture of the vessel and the appearance of hemorrhagic stroke in the target organs.On the other hand, a long pressure reduction may lead to insufficient blood circulation or tissue ischemia, which is also dangerous for the body state.

When illness hypertension treatment folk remedies begin with dieting.Thus power is assigned a fractional, preferably 4-5 times a day, in small portions.Because the diet is necessary to remove the fat, smoked, sharp, salty and sweet dishes.

Folk remedies for hypertension is used to eliminate the following factors:

  • steatosis Fatty liver, because the liver is involved in fat metabolism and decomposition of "bad" cholesterol.
  • Overweight, as every gram of excess tissue has an extensive network of blood needed to supply.
  • Violation of carbohydrate metabolism, as after excess weight may be diabetes, which is also a cause of hypertension.
  • The fragility of vessel walls, as in obesity vessels are covered with numerous atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots.

Which popular treatments used for disease?

For a successful result it is possible to treat high blood pressure at home.At the same time apply infusions, decoctions, various blends of herbs and various vegetables and fruits.It should be remembered that the tested folk remedies are used only under medical supervision, and blood pressure.Herbal Treatment of hypertension requires a lot of effort and time, and the effect of long-term use can be very good and long, especially in the initial stages.

One of medicinal products is a beet.beet hypertension treatment is based on a large number of agents that break down fat deposits that make up the beets.From beet prepare the following recipes:

beet kvass - to do this, take 1 kg of beet, passed through a grater, then put in a 3-liter jar and pour boiling water.Then add 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, lemon or honey (as someone like).Infuse a brew for 2-3 days, and take 100 grams before meals.The course of treatment - at least a month.

can make a mixture of beet with honey (300 ml beet juice and 200 gmeda).Drink this mixture can be a tablespoon 3 times a day before meals.Beetroot juice with hypertension, not only cleans the walls of blood vessels, but also strengthens them, while putting a diuretic and a laxative effect.The use of such a mixture for several months may reduce weight.

In the treatment of folk remedies for hypertension such means can be used as iodine, which is also called the Indian method.iodine hypertension treatment is particularly effective if done it at least 2 times a year - in March and in September.Carry iodine treatment of hypertension should be from 1 to 10 March, then a time-out until 21 March, and from 21 March to 30 March to hold another course of treatment.In these figures the same treatment is conducted in September.

need to treat the vial 5% iodine and ear sticks.Every evening you must draw circles with iodine as follows:

  • 1 of March (March 21) - above the wrist of his left hand.
  • 2 March (22 March) - above the right foot.
  • 3 March (23 March) - above the wrist of his right hand.
  • 4 March (March 24) - above the left foot.
  • 5 March (25 March) - above the elbow of his left hand.
  • 6 March (26 March) - above the knee of the right leg.
  • 7 March (27 March) - above the elbow of the right hand.
  • 8 March (28 March) - above the knee of the left leg.
  • 9 March (March 29) - is necessary to put the ring on the back of the shoulder left arm diagonally to the right thigh legs.The ring does not have to close.
  • 10 March (30 March) - on the back of the right hand shoulder diagonally to the left thigh leg.

In folk medicine used treatment of hypertension onion skins.We peel onions are so necessary for the treatment of hypertension properties as laxatives, diuretics, sosudoukreplyayuschie.For the treatment of prepared broth - a few spoonfuls of onion peel zalivayut200 grams of vodka.After 7-8 days after the infusion of a mixture of strain and drink 20 drops 2-3 times a day, adding the tincture in 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil spoon.The course of treatment is at least 2 weeks, then one can not take 10 days, and repeated again.

In the treatment of the disease is widely used diuretics.Diuretics folk remedies for hypertension increase the filtration capacity of the kidneys, relieve swelling well, excreted through the kidneys intercellular fluid.Diuretic herbs can be taken separately, and make them blend.

By diuretic herbs include:

  • White birch.In the treatment of kidney use, fresh leaves and birch sap.
  • Lingonberry - used in the treatment of leaves and fruit.
  • Cornflower blue - it is made alcohol tinctures.
  • Juniperus.
  • leaves of burdock.
  • Ogorodnaya parsley and dill.
  • Common bearberry.
  • succession.
  • Horsetail.

traditional therapies used at least several months, and in case of good result to take traditional treatments is necessary as a means of disease prevention.

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