Causes, symptoms and treatment of grade 3 hypertension .How to overcome the illness ?

Saying that the patient develops Grade 3 hypertension doctor observing the dynamics of the disease, it may be the case when the patient shows signs of target organ damage.The level of blood pressure increase the use of modern pharmaceutical drugs can be controlled quite well, so the magnitude of the absolute increase in blood pressure parameters (boundary values) drawn less attention.

patient should not console ourselves with the fact that even when "their" terms of pressure, whatever they were, it feels relatively satisfactory - if the patient develops hypertension grade 3, the functionality of the body are being rapidly depleted.Complications associated with severe hypertension can greatly complicate the life of the patient, and in some cases - can be fatal.

reasons for the development of essential hypertension complicated

Long-term medical observation and studies in recent years have proven that the cause of hypertension grade 3 becomes the absence of timely treatment and related diseases that ex

ist in the patient.

possibilities of modern medicine allow timely detection of even a slight increase in blood pressure in patients of any age - measurement of blood pressure is available to virtually all patients, and high-precision inspection techniques can identify the true cause of essential hypertension (essential hypertension) or symptomatic hypertension.It is from this largely depends on the possibility of effective treatment - patients can be assigned to effective drugs and non-pharmacological methods of treatment, in some cases - surgery (it is necessary in the pathology of the main arteries).

Early treatment of hypertension must be patient with any stage of the disease - even with a slight increase in blood pressure requires regular medication.In this case, you can reach the level of "physiological norm", but not be limited to "working the numbers of blood pressure" - an approach to the treatment of the disease has helped many patients to prevent the diagnosis of "hypertension grade 3".

symptoms of grade 3 hypertension

Symptoms of hypertension of grade 3 made up of the actual manifestations of hypertensive disease (symptomatic or essential hypertension) and symptoms characterizing the target organ damage.

Most often, patients are found pathological changes in these organs and body systems:

  • brain - there is damage blood vessels and the actual structures of the central nervous system;
  • kidney - renal failure worsens the severity of hypertension and increases its degree;
  • heart - significantly increases the risk of complications (myocardial infarction, development of hemodynamic instability);
  • eyes - increases the risk of damage to the retina, and the retina itself the organ of vision.

is important to understand that the development of complications (end-organ damage) starts in the pathological range of disease - symptoms worsen during the most hypertension, and hemodynamic fluctuations are difficult to correct the standard regimens.

brain lesions often determines the severity of the patient's condition - for yourself how the changes affect the blood vessels and brain tissue.Develops swelling tissue surrounding the artery of the brain due propotevanie fluid into the extracellular space, and the expansion of the arteries themselves under the influence of pressure rise - under their influence can develop:

  • acute ischemic stroke - hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke;
  • formation aneurysmal arteries extensions;
  • education intracerebral or intracranial hematomas;
  • encephalopathy - even high systemic blood pressure can not provide a normal perfusion of the cortex and brain stem structures that provokes rapid development of vascular dementia.

disease treatment

As with the other stages of the disease, the treatment of hypertension grade 3 will always consist of a few basic steps, among which are:

  • organization as possible active lifestyle for the patient - in a program of treatment and rehabilitation should be included dosagephysical activity available to the patient, recreational activities;
  • respect for work and rest - the longer the patient is able to "save" themselves in the profession and everyday terms, the better the end result will be received therapy;
  • diet - a diet in hypertension grade 3 is almost no different from the patient's diet with 1 and 2 stage of the disease: limited salted and pickled foods, spices, fried and smoked food, foods rich in sodium.It is important to take into account the amount of alcohol consumed and discharged liquid - disorders of water and electrolyte metabolism worsen the patient's condition;
  • drug therapy is chosen individually for each patient - a list of drugs that are used in all stages of the disease, remains unchanged.
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