Hypertension 2 degrees : what to do if you have found this disease ?

About hypertensive disease is said and written a lot.The word "hypertension" seems almost most characteristic of older people.But it is not so.The intense pace of modern life causes hypertension is rapidly getting younger.High blood pressure numbers are found today not only of grandparents but also in young people, who often do not attach importance to pressure surges, believing that it is enough to relax, and everything will be in vain.But, unfortunately, can not even leave the periodic ups pressure without attention and competent treatment, if they persist, you are already suffering from hypertension 1 degree.

This degree reversible disease with timely treatment to the doctor cure prognosis is favorable.But the trouble is that it is a doctor, and people are not coping with attacks of headaches on their own.Such an attitude to the periodic increase in pressure causes the disease develops further, imperceptibly into more dangerous 2 degree.

Alone with the diagnosis.We understand - what to do

So the doctor's conclusion uniquely you diagnosed with "hypertension grade 2".Diagnosis bad, and you are determined to quickly say goodbye to it, just follow the doctor's recommendations.Everyone knows, in order to cope with the disease, it is necessary to eliminate the reasons which caused it.Here are the main factors that contribute to hypertension grade 2:

  • hereditary (genetic) predisposition
  • Overweight
  • tastes: the abuse of salty and spicy food
  • Frequent stress and nervous overload, chronic sleep deprivation
  • Smoking, alcohol abuse

It seems to be not so much.And if nothing can be done by heredity, then with the rest of the reasons that caused the disease, can be handled safely.This, of course, will require you some effort, but health is worth it.The same is characterized by hypertension 2 degrees?Unlike one degree of disease of blood pressure level becomes higher and more stable.Figures systolic blood pressure in people with hypertension grade 2 are at rest within the 170 -200 mm.Hg, and 105 -114 diastolic pressure.Against the background of high levels of blood pressure in patients in the survey identified and the following symptoms of hypertension grade 2:

  • Left ventricular hypertrophy
  • Various manifestations of vascular insufficiency
  • arteriolar narrowing, changes in the veins of the fundus

for hypertension 2 degrees more than typical hypertensivecrises.Sometimes the appearance of a crisis caused by external causes, but sometimes they come on their own, without any precipitating factors.Hypertensive crisis requires immediate medical attention, as often it leads to severe complications - stroke, heart attack.

Symptoms that should alert

Here are the main symptoms of hypertension grade 2, which should alert the patient and make him not to postpone the visit to the doctor on the back burner.

  • Fatigue in the morning fatigue during the day
  • Headache, dizziness
  • Flickering "flies" in front of the eyes, darkening of the eyes
  • Frequent palpitations, feeling of pulsation in the head
  • hyperemia, swelling of the face and eyelids
  • Reductionmemory

As you can see, the symptoms of hypertension grade 2 rather blurred.It is therefore important not just leave them unattended.Do not listen to the advice of people who know and take handfuls of pills for headaches, you should not be limited to the use of home nastoechki viburnum berries, which reduces the pressure!Always treated only by a specialist.2 the degree of hypertension in this obliges!

Determine the treatment

doctor should treat the disease.Most likely, this will be your primary care physician, with whom you are now required to make friends.He will prescribe a course of necessary examinations - ECG, blood and urine tests, ultrasound of the heart, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist if necessary.And on the basis of the data will choose adequate drug treatment of hypertension grade 2.

Unfortunately, for the treatment to be successful, take medicines are likely to have for life.Usually medicines appointed several of the different dosage groups.With the present abundantly in pharmacies can be widely varied.Always in the treatment used:

  • Diuretics (veroshpiron, diuver, Ravel, furosemide)
  • antihypertensive drugs from different groups (bisoprolol, lisinopril, artil, fiziotenz)
  • drugs that reduce blood viscosity (aspikard, cardiomagnil)
  • drugsreducing blood cholesterol levels (zovastikor, atorvastatin)

Receiving prescription medications must be systematic, it is advisable to take the tablet at the same time.How to treat hypertension grade 2 with the help of medication, tell your doctor, but not enough for success otovarit prescriptions at the pharmacy and do not forget to take medication, you must also organize the rational mode.It is important to all - as you work and how much you sleep, if you're handy with a recreational gymnastics that you eat.

Diet for hypertension grade 2 based on restricting salt and liquid.Table salt is necessary to bring up to 3-4 grams per day, and you can drink up to six liters of fluid a day.It is better to exclude from the foods that improve cholesterol: fatty, smoked, fried foods, chips, shrimp, spicy sauces and seasonings.Nutrition in hypertension grade 2 is of great importance, poor diet, overeating itself can trigger a hypertensive crisis, even stress is not required.Of course, high blood pressure with a cigarette and a glass of wine - the concept of incompatible.You have to determine for yourself exactly what you need health or the dubious pleasure of bad habits, and forever to say goodbye to them.Watch out for themselves, lead an active lifestyle, control blood pressure, and stay healthy for years to come!

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