What are the health risks while on holiday

first thing thinks most when planning your summer vacation - sun, sea and beaches.At the same time, these factors can be fraught with a certain danger to health, which can be avoided if prepared correctly.What are the main risks may lie in wait during the summer vacation, and how can they be prevented?

  1. Tan.The main danger during the Sun is getting sunburn.To suspect it may be in the following manifestations - the skin appears red, her slight swelling and soreness.Specialists noted that obtaining a person for more than 5 sunburn increases his chance of developing melanoma by 2 times.Also burns can be a trigger in the development of other types of cancer - in particular, squamous cell skin cancer and basal cell carcinoma.In addition, sunburns contribute to skin aging and premature wrinkling.Therefore, experts regard as a tan any damage to the skin.Guard against this adverse factor will help the use of special means of protection from ultraviolet radiation, or simply closing the skin clothing.
  2. Missions to countries with a hot climate.There is a negative factor in the adaptation period, which may last for several weeks.At this time, a person may experience some unpleasant symptoms - headache, dizziness, nausea, and sometimes loss of consciousness is possible.There are symptoms of the fact that the body can not cope with the sharp increase in the ambient temperature and can not control its own temperature.The most difficult to adapt to the hot climate are the elderly, young children, and obese people.Reduce the negative consequences of such adaptation will help avoiding alcohol and drinking plenty of fluids, which will promote perspiration and thereby adjusting the temperature balance.It is also recommended to limit outdoor activities during this time.
  3. dip in the pool.Researchers in the United States there was a significant increase in recent years of diseases, sources of which are parasites that live in the pools.Most likely at the same time becomes infected kriptospiridiozom, the main symptoms are pain and cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever, general dehydration, which leads to weight loss.It is important to note that the causative agent of the disease is resistant to chlorine, which is often used for treatment of swimming pools.
  4. drinks and food.As a rule, a visit to another country entails not only acquainted with its culture, but also from the kitchen.If there are sudden changes in the diet, it can negatively affect the health and cause food poisoning.Often, it is recommended to completely abandon the use of tap water when you visit certain countries and use only bottled water.Also, special care should be exercised in the use of meat and seafood.
  5. Flights to another time zone.Such trips cause violation of the biological rhythm that leads to lethargy and general fatigue.it is recommended to choose a flight that arrives at night to compensate for the negative impact of a sharp change of time zones (to just go to bed and allow the body to recover).
  6. Currency Exchange.In some countries, local bills can be a source of many diseases, as they inhabit various pathological microorganisms (fungi and bacteria).
  7. Insect bites.Travel in individual countries can be dangerous due to the bite of certain insects.Therefore it is recommended to use special protective equipment.
  8. Local disease.Avoid certain diseases will help pre-vaccination traversed.For more information on vaccines, required when visiting certain countries, can give the doctor.
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