The increase in mortality is not to blame for doctors and nurses , and officials

The mortality rate for the 1st quarter grew by 3.7% in Russia.For this reason, Vladimir Putin instructed to understand the causes of this phenomenon.At the same time report on the causes of death in Russia it was prepared by the Committee of Civil Initiatives.The authors of this report believe that the ongoing optimization of the health sector, as well as the translation of this region into the economic from the social only make life difficult for the majority of Russians.

The report states that, taking into account mortality rates for the first quarter, the figure for the year will reach more than 2 million. Man.This marked increase in mortality among those aged 35 to 44 years old, belonging to the labor force.The report's authors believe that the observed increase in mortality due to system errors, health system managers, and not a random fluctuation rates.

Underlying this trend is the translation of this region in the economic sphere, which is carried out behind the scenes.This led to a significant

number of paid medical services, which are replacing free.In fact, health care is not free as it says in the Constitution.It was found that the population of the cost of drugs is almost 2 times higher than the budget costs and the MLA.All these facts are contained in the report prepared by Sergey Ermakov - Doctor of Economic Sciences and Doctor of Medicine Yury Komarov.

also a negative assessment carried out by the authors provide optimization in the health system.During this optimization celebrated the elimination of a large number of medical institutions and their simultaneous enlargement.All this led to the fact that health care has become less available.

greatest deterioration observed in the North-Western and Central Russia, Lipetsk, Kursk and Tambov regions.This Nizhny Novgorod region is not a problem regions.There was a marked decrease in 3 times the natural decline in population, there is also a reduction of one-third of child deaths.

Held in the Nizhny Novgorod region policy optimization of the medical system was appreciated by the minister of health in the region.Its aim is to improve the accessibility and quality of care, and the optimization is by merging institutions.For example, there is an association with hospital clinics in a single complex.It is not shrinking medical staff - doctors, nurses, and orderlies.The only went reduction deputy chief medical officer for the administrative work.The results of this optimization speak for themselves - in the region decreased mortality from various diseases (tuberculosis - by 35%, from cardiovascular disease - by 6.7%, from the respiratory system diseases - 7.3%).It is also noted a decrease due to various neoplasms death rate - 2.1%.

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