Atheroma on the head and methods for its removal

Atheroma - a fairly common disease that can occur in both women and men of any age as a result of blockage of the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands. neoplasm formed in different parts of the body where there is hair growth, but most often appears sebaceous cyst on the back, face, head, neck, earlobe and on the genitals.

Symptoms atheroma

itself atheroma determined quite simply.To the touch it is soft tumor formation convex shape yellow.If the cyst starts to change color and acquires a light brown shade, we can say that within the inflammatory process has begun.The atheroma occurs suppuration, and the overall situation is much worse.

If atheroma appear frequently and in large quantities, then we are talking about such disease as the atheromatosis.In its external features atheroma it is very similar to lipoma, to distinguish these two different kinds of tumors can be only a professional physician.That is why as soon as you have found out the tumor, you must immediately consult a specialist.

Atheroma color can be quite large size and appearance resemble cerebral hernia.Therefore, before starting treatment, it is necessary to hold multilateral diagnosis.Most often, such formation occurs in the upper layer of the skin to the epidermis.


disease causing atheroma formation is not fully understood, but the main problem uvalyaetsya that as a result of any injuries sebaceous gland duct is clogged.As a result, the gland begins to accumulate very secret, which gradually increases in size.As a result, it may form a lump the size of a pea to the size of a hen's egg.If the content of education are infected through the channel, then there is an inflammation of atheroma, and then decay that requires urgent surgical intervention.

Many people think that a tumor on her head is a real tumor, but it is not so committed.Factors that predispose to the development of this process are adverse environmental conditions, disorders in metabolism, chronic trauma, hormonal disruptions and other diseases.Atheroma color according to the type of its origin in medicine is divided into innate, which is formed from the epidermis and appendages can stay for life in an unaltered state, and acquired - resulting from any violation of the excretory function of the skin or because of poor hygiene.

They can either be single or multiple.In itself, the disease is not dangerous to life, but if the tumor was inflamed and pus, and after the rush time capsule was not removed, then relapses or the formation of a fistula.That is why at the slightest change in the appearance of atheroma is an urgent need to see a surgeon.

Removal of atheroma on

head Basically always the treatment of this disease occurs with the help of surgery.Occasionally there are times when the atheroma can be treated with traditional medicine.Many are advised to use the ointment Vishnevsky with atheroma, but before you do something, you first need to consult with your doctor.If the patient is found atheroma treatment should be prescribed only surgeon.

In order to remove completely the formation of not only need to open it, remove the contents, but also to remove the capsule.Otherwise, atheroma can grow again.

The disease is easily diagnosed by the overall clinical picture and the external signs.Even if the patient is small in size and quite a bump does not bother him, it is better to remove it to avoid the inflammatory process in the future.Removal takes place under local anesthesia, and it is best to carry out this process in the cold season, to avoid inflammation.

surgeon makes a small incision, removes all content and imposes few stitches.In our modern time, treatment can be carried out even with the help of laser and radiosurgical technique.Atheroma, which is formed not on the head, and ear, most often it is in the ear lobe, called atheroma earlobe.This neoplasm same spherical, as in a head, and may have different sizes.The disease, which arose on the ear or on the face, most of all causes cosmetic defect, and treatment in such cases requires special attention, because of its location gives the surgeon a lot of trouble.

removal takes place in several ways, but it is more common - the traditional method, which is carried out under local anesthesia.First, the doctor makes a small incision, and then remove the cyst and its contents and the capsule.After that, applied neat cosmetic seam.

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