Kidney cancer in children : causes, types of diseases and their symptoms

renal cancer in children is approximately 20 - 50% of all tumors.In addition, often in children diagnosed mixed tumor.

With the development of kidney cancer is formed by one or multiple tumor nodes.Cells oncologists are able to extend beyond the body with the bloodstream or lymph.In this regard, in secondary tumors appear body components - metastases.Basically metastases are found in the liver, bone, lung, lymph nodes in near the aorta or inferior vena cava.Cancer can be built in different ways - it depends on whether the cancer cells are similar to normal kidney tissue.

Oncology is of several types:

  1. highly differentiated.
  2. Moderately differentiated.
  3. Undifferentiated.

The smaller degree of differentiation of cancer, the faster growing tumor, and metastatic lesions develop faster organism.Also, the treatment prognosis worsens.

kidney cancer types in children

  1. neuroepithelial tumor tumor - a rare defeat, it is typical for adults, but sometimes manifests itself in adolescence.The tumor is charact
    erized by rapid growth of.
  2. clear cell sarcoma.
  3. primary form of synovial sarcoma of the kidney - is mainly diagnosed in adolescence.
  4. adenocarcinoma - the most common type of cancer, in other words is called Wilms tumor.

Usually the tumor is detected in 90% of cases of the disease before the age of five years.Sometimes the diagnosis is performed in newborns and even in the fetus.With the same frequency disease strikes, both boys and girls.

This is important! pathology usually affects only one side and can damage any organ zone.When sprouting new growth much pressure on the tissue and causes atrophy.The tumor grows, the capsule affects and touches the tissue in the space behind the peritoneum and peritoneum itself.Over time, the tumor is able to reach large sizes.

main causes of tumor formation:

reasons for manifestation of the disease is not fully established, but there is a theory of influence on an organism of genetic abnormalities.Malignancies primarily affects cells involved in the establishment of a body during fetal development.Typically, these cells disappear on their own at the time of birth.Times malignant tumor combined with impaired formation of the urinary system.

Clinical signs of tumor formation

In the early stages of kidney cancer symptoms in children almost do not appear.But the first signs become apparent with increasing tumor.

for children characterized by the development of the following symptoms:

  • feeling of tumors in the abdominal area.
  • presence of blood in urine.
  • Prolonged fever.
  • pain and abdominal area.
  • bloating, loss of appetite and vomiting.
  • Weight loss, severe fatigue, rise in blood pressure.

These symptoms may indicate other pathologies and, therefore, necessary to conduct a thorough diagnostic measures.

Implementation diagnosis in cases of suspected kidney tumors

important to remember that early diagnosis increases the chances for a speedy and full recovery.Implement the following diagnostic methods:

  1. Urine and blood.
  2. Ultrasound, helps to identify even small tumor.
  3. MRI and CT - to help identify the size of the tumor, its exact location, the presence of metastasis and specificity of blood circulation in the kidneys.
  4. kidney Urography.
  5. X-ray examination of the chest in order to establish injury prevalence.
  6. Sometimes a biopsy is implemented to clarify the diagnosis.

This is important! main method of diagnosis - is ultrasound - is completely harmless to the child's body and helps with high accuracy detect the presence of even small tumors.

sometimes held and excretory urography, but it is now almost completely replaced by MRI and CT scan, which is more suitable for the diagnosis of cancer.All this helps to ascertain the location, size, metastasis damage other organs - all this plays an important role in selecting the optimal treatment.In order to assess the opposite kidney works realized dynamic nefrostsintigrafiya.

How is the treatment of the child

kidney cancer treatment selection will depend on the species of cancer and the stage of disease development.There are several ways of treatment, namely:

  • Surgery.
  • Radiotherapy.
  • Immunotherapy.

operation is considered the only effective method of getting rid of the child from kidney cancer.There are several types of operations:

  1. Complete removal of an organ - radical nephrectomy.
  2. partial organ removal - partial nephrectomy.
  3. Palliative nephrectomy - implemented as preparatory activities before immunotherapy, chemotherapy for detecting distant metastatic lesions or during germination tumor to nearby organs and tissues.

If the situation allows specialist tries to keep the body.All bowl held laparoscopic surgery for kidney cancer.

There is currently no definitive opinion regarding the need for radiation therapy in renal cancer.Now radiotherapy is being implemented only in the presence of contraindications to surgery in order to prolong the patient's life.Immunotherapy is often complements the operation is also carried out or if there are contraindications. correct regimen helps to achieve positive results in 46% of cases and significantly prolongs life.

Forecasts for kidney cancer depends on the stage of the tumor process, which was carried out treatment.With timely surgery the child recovers completely.

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