Atheroma earlobe : causes, symptoms, treatment

called atheroma formation, resulting from blockage of the sebaceous gland.Atheroma earlobe is a spherical cyst lined with the inside layer of the epidermis and the filled curd from white to pale yellow in color.Atheroma size may vary from 3 to 40 mm.The internal cavity of atheroma accumulate fat mass, dead cells, and sometimes hair.

atheroma Outwardly looks like a tight ball, hanging from the lobes.The skin over the atheroma does not change color and texture.It appears these formations may at any age, the frequency of occurrence does not depend on gender.

causes of the disease most often

atheroma formation in areas with large concentrations of sebaceous glands: the face, chest, back, scalp, neck and eyelids.

reason for the formation of atheroma is a violation of the sebaceous glands due to failures in the metabolic processes of the body.As a result of blockage of ductless broken free access to the surface sebum and accumulation of it in the cavity of the prostate.Quite often, the occurrence of at

heroma seen in people with acne, seborrhea, suffering from excessive sweating.


If by touching themselves earlobe, you Palpable solid seal with clearly defined edges, is more reminiscent of a pea, it is necessary to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.Often atheroma for taking a different kind of tumors - lipoma.

If atheroma began to change color to brown, then joined the inflammatory process, and treating complicated.

Species atheroma great variety

Depending on the location of the place are several types of structures:

  • Atheroma earlobe phenomenon quite frequent.It is painless at a palpation elevation above the skin, sometimes reaching the size of a walnut.Atheroma small size usually does not cause discomfort to the patient, but it is dangerous because it can become inflamed or develop into a more dangerous form cysts.Yes, and aesthetically it is not a pleasure, especially women.It is very sad that many do not understand the danger and pull an address to the doctor until the atheroma is not inflamed and starts festering.
  • Atheroma on most likely to occur in the back of people prone to severe sweating, neglecting personal hygiene.
  • Atheroma on the face and neck in the atheroma frequent companions suffer from acne or acne.Metabolic disorders and hormonal disruptions contribute to clogging of the sebaceous glands and cause the occurrence of unpleasant tumors.
  • Atheroma behind the ear is often detected when a large, or the onset of inflammation.Because of its location it is hard to see, and many find it difficult to diagnose it at an early stage.

Methods for treating disease

all types of education are treated equally.Do not postpone the trip to the doctor, even if harmless ball under the skin does not bother you.If time does not get rid of the atheroma, it is still inflamed, will fester, edema, temperature rises.In this case, the treatment will be long and not avoid antibiotics.

If, however, the inflammation has begun, it is necessary to consult a surgeon who will open and extract the contents of the cyst.Once the inflammatory process stops, a second operation is needed in which the capsule is to be retrieved.If this is not done, the atheroma will grow and become inflamed again and again.

atheroma making extraction under local anesthesia.The skin is thin cut and retrieved the capsule and its contents.If necessary, closed with stitches, which are removed at 4-5 hours.The sooner an operation to remove the atheroma, the less visible traces remain on the skin. Atheroma earlobe, distant time without leaving any traces.

addition to surgical and resorting to more modern methods of treatment, such as laser and radio wave removal of atheroma.In the early stages to remove a cyst the size of a small used laser cauterization.Radio wave removal of atheroma is overgrown evaporation cells of the epithelium and the capsule contents with the help of radio waves.

No way atheroma earlobe is not squeezed out by yourself.Due to the narrowness of a blocked duct, this attempt does not succeed, and can lead to onset of inflammation.

present level of surgery and new treatments of atheroma allow manipulation without shaving hair.This is very important for women, who often pull an address to the doctor to the last for this reason.

To prevent this non-threatening, but an aesthetically unpleasant disease, should first of all get rid of chronic diseases.Important role played by proper diet, especially if you have a tendency to be overweight.And do not forget about hygiene.

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