Effective treatment of atheroma folk remedies

With such a problem as the atheroma, people face at any age.Under the impact of the disease get both men and women.

What is atheroma?This is the cyst, which is a "bag" with a capsule filled with a dense mass of yellowish color and emits a foul odor.

Atheroma (cyst) is most often multiple and can be located in many areas of the body.However, most often it can be found on the scalp, face, arms and torso.As a general rule, harmless and atheroma creates cosmetic skin defect.But if it just does not pay attention, it can fester, which is why it is sometimes possible autopsy.

Another feature of atheroma - its value.It can be a little over the years without any changes, or may continue to increase.

Treatment folk remedies atheroma can start immediately after its occurrence.It is not necessary to delay the start of treatment.To achieve the effect, used in folk medicine mutton fat.

first method: you have to melt the fat, then cool to room temperature and rub into the sore spots on the skin.

Second method: grind the garlic, add the vegetable oil.Then all mixed until a homogeneous slurry.The resulting mass of rub into problem areas on your body, while not forgetting their massage.This procedure is to perform as long as the do not pass talc.The main purpose of these methods - to pull out the contents of the cyst.

Treatment folk remedies atheroma gives a positive result.If you do not help the above methods, do not despair.There are several methods by which people can get rid of this disease once and for all.

The most important cause of atheroma is slagging organism.Therefore, in folk medicine are advised to take fees herbs that cleanse your body of toxins.It may also try to make a film of talc eggs chickens.Soon after this procedure may redness and swelling of data areas on the skin.But do not worry, as this is a temporary phenomenon, and the next day everything goes.This procedure is carried out before the complete disappearance of Wen.

Another effective method in the treatment of atheroma - the use of silver objects.You can attach a silver cross, or anything else of silver and attach to the sore spot.This method need to be treated for four weeks, until wen not resolve.

Just help not dry, but only the fresh leaves mother - and - stepmother, who with the help of a patch or bandage is fixed to the surface of the cyst and not removed within days.Then changed to fresh.After 7-8 days of treatment should help.Many helped use Vishnevsky ointment, which has regenerative properties.In problem areas impose a gauze bandage soaked in the ointment, and keep for a long time without removing.A few hours later, look, do not "disappear" if the content in Wen.If the effect is yet to come, repeat this procedure again.Try this method, because it has helped many people.

How to treat atheroma

As you can see, there are many treatments for this disease folk remedies.However, they are effective, provided that the treatment is started at an early stage of occurrence of Wen.

But how to treat atheroma, if it is in a state of neglect and delivers pain?In such cases, in any case do not self-medicate.As soon as possible consult a physician in order to prevent inflammation and festering inside the capsule.When inflammation of atheroma appear swelling, tenderness, fever.

treatment in such cases is carried out only through surgery.Contaminated atheroma may break out.Removal of atheroma on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, so the patient can return home the same day.If the atheroma in a patient on the head, when its removal is not necessary to shave the hair.

consequences of atheroma

Provided that atheroma broke yourself for surgery do not resort.In such cases, you need to clean the wound and be disinfected.After wound healing is possible that the scar will remain at the site of inflammation.There is a danger that the gap can occur cystic capsule and its contents do not stand out to the outside.

consequences of atheroma as subcutaneous tissue purulent inflammation unpredictable as suppurative focus is rather difficult to locate.Treatment is complex: reveal extensive areas on the body and prescribed sulfa antibiotics group.

As you can see, atheroma seemingly harmless as it may seem at first glance.But if it is run and not treated in time, it could lead to unpredictable consequences.Pay attention to your health and stay healthy!

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