Atheroma on the back and methods of how to get rid of it

Russian people have long known this seemingly harmless disease as wen.The scientific name of the pathological process - atheroma, which is a cystic extended sebaceous glands.There are congenital and atheroma arisen again.

Congenital atheroma are peculiar kind of benign tumor of the skin.Such formations are of different sizes, most of which are located on the scalp and scrotum.

characteristic feature is its painless on palpation.

Secondary arise from violations of the outflow of sebum from the sebaceous gland.Palpation of painful skin over them is palely-bluish tint.The most typical in such cases, atheroma on the back, neck, scalp, on the face, as well as earlobes and genitals.

From what disease occurs?

appearance of secondary atheroma, or epidermal cysts, promote the background skin diseases (seborrhea, acne), various disorders of metabolic processes occurring in the body, adverse environmental factors.

Many scientists in a number of factors that encourage the development of atheroma, put the he

reditary characteristics of an organism.

According to experts, favorite localization of the pathological process in atheroma hyperhidrosis is on his back, and with metabolic disorders most commonly found on the face of the atheroma.

pathogenesis or the mechanisms of disease development

Obstruction of the sebaceous glands, which are located in large numbers on the surface of our skin, leads to inflammation.In some cases, around the epidermal cysts observed excessive development of connective tissue, which can then lead to permanent skin defects.

also possible the gradual development of atheroma.In this case, the pathologic process occurring in the skin, gradually develops.Over time, the cyst swells and opened with the release of sebum, exfoliated epithelial cells, particles of hair.

not ruled out joining a secondary infection, resulting in a relatively unfavorable clinical sign as festering atheroma.In this case, the microscopic examination of discharge epidermal cyst revealed a large number of micro-organisms, pathogens of inflammatory diseases.

How to get rid of atheroma?

Traditionally the main method of removal of atheroma is surgery.But today, experts around the world insist on conservative therapy.Currently, in addition to surgical treatment, very popular are those therapies like laser and radio wave removal of epidermal cysts.

Laser treatment is used in uncomplicated forms and the relatively small size of the pathological process.After opening the abscess cavity is opened is treated with a laser.

alternative to laser treatment is the removal of radio-wave method, is now acquiring more and more popularity.Great advantage of this method of therapy is the lack of the need to make a puncture or incision of abscess cavity.With the help of radio waves of a certain frequency is produced evaporation epidermal cyst cells forming its tire, as well as the oral contents of the atheroma.This method of treatment is the most effective and safe due to the lack of development of subsequent complications.

And finally, when the failure of conservative therapy (to which belongs and the laser and radiowave therapy) resort to surgical removal.Surgery is performed under local anesthesia.The operation takes a total of about 5 - 10 minutes.

If suppuration and joining a secondary infection in the abscess cavity pretreated solution is broad-spectrum antibiotic, and then make surgical removal.

measures preventing epidermal cyst development are aimed at compliance with the rules of skin care products, its thorough and thoughtful care.

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