Combined treatment of leukemia - modern technology

treatment of blood cancer - one of the most popular types of treatment abroad.This is due to the fact that these diseases are very poorly treated, and a deficit of innovation in this field in Russia, and the complexity of the treatment.Usually "blood cancer" called leukemias for a similar mechanism of formation: in the bone marrow begin to multiply uncontrollably altered cells.

As a result, the blood dramatically increases the number of any one type of cell, they do not perform the necessary functions and interfere with healthy cells.Emit different forms of leukemia - depending on what kind of cells began to grow unchecked.Also leukemias are divided into acute and chronic.In acute leukemia, the blood is dominated by blasts - immature blood cells, the disease is flowing very fast, giving a high temperature and a variety of other disorders.

In chronic leukemia is dominated by mature cells, suffer from chronic leukemia for a long time, they may be asymptomatic for a long time to flow, appearing fatigue

, frequent colds, and general weakness.Often chronic leukemia detected by chance.

main methods of diagnosis of leukemia in this Izraile- blood tests and bone marrow.Wanted general and biochemical blood tests, koagulografiya, cytological analysis of cells from the puncture of the sternum or ilium, cytogenetics and immunophenotyping abnormal blood cells, as well as consultations hematologists and imaging of the abdominal cavity and chest.

main method of treating leukemia - chemotherapy.It consists of three phases: induction (intensive treatment for 1 month, aimed at aggravation of subsidence), consolidation (lasts 2-8 months, is aimed at reducing the number of the remaining abnormal cells) and supports (lasts 2-3 years, aimed at the prevention of relapse).Radiation therapy is also used, targeted therapy (treatment by administering specific monoclonal antibodies which are only changed cells) and combinations thereof.

If medication is not enough, Israel carried out a bone marrow transplant.Performs a variety of types of operations, change is possible both from a relative or from an external donor.

Using the most advanced techniques and combined treatments for a growing number of patients have a chance to restore health.

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