Symptoms of Sarcoma - what are they

Sarcoma - meat or tumor is a group of malignancies consisting of immature connective tissue.Sarcomas are characteristic features of cancer.Namely, the emergence of new after removal, infiltrative growth, provoking the destruction of adjacent tissues, the early appearance of metastases.

fundamental difference of sarcoma is a cancer that cancers arise only in epithelial cells, whereas sarcoma refers to a group of the connective elements.In other words, the disease may develop where there are connective tissues.In addition, the disease spreading through the blood vessels, and cancer - through the lymph.In many ways, different symptoms and sarcomas.


Types The following types of the disease:

  • sarcoma bone;
  • soft tissues;
  • and there are complex types of the disease, which are classified is not yet possible.

These include Kaposi's sarcoma.Meets the disease in our country is rare.And the most common in men of Mediterranean race, and equatorial Africa.

Kaposi's sarcoma affects the skin or d

ermis.It provokes the disease herpes virus.Very often this type observed in HIV - infected men.KS: its symptoms in old age, it is usually a tumor on the back of the feet, the soles, it rarely affects the hands, the skin complexion.

division into subspecies

Within each species there is a division into sub-species.For bone sarcoma include such varieties as fibrosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, a form of cell round, lymphosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma.soft tissue sarcoma has the following subtypes: synovial, liposarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, angiosarcoma, neurogenic sarcoma, myogenic.

In addition, the disease is to classify according to the velocity of propagation.Among the fastest growing sarcoma include osteogenic.

Osteogenic: its symptoms appear between the ages of 10 to 30 years, the tumor is extremely dangerous, characterized by early metastases.It is most common kind of cancer.

Symptoms of the disease by type

each species and subspecies of sarcomas have certain symptoms and signs.Symptoms of the disease characteristics mainly depend on the type of cell source tissue, as well as the localization of a neoplasm.For most common symptom is the presence of species sarcoma tumors growing in size.

soft tissue sarcoma: its symptoms are more pronounced than the bones.The first sign of bone sarcoma are unreasonable night painful sensations in the legs.This painkillers no effect do not give.

Each subspecies is characterized by a set of signs and symptoms.For example, Ewing's sarcoma: its symptoms are in the presence of progressive pain of the lower extremities, as it affects them, and this kind of sarcoma.In the first stage of the disease there is not subsiding pain, aggravated at night, then starts palpable tumor, subsequently affecting the nearby joint, gradually there is a traffic violation.

In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin of the tumor on the skin is also observed swelling and redness, there is an increase in temperature is accompanied by a fever.The majority of skeletal metastases, most commonly affects the spine.

spine Sarcoma: Its symptoms are manifestations of the same, and that the whole bone sarcoma.The primary symptoms may be pain in the spine, which resembles a pain in radiculitis, which sometimes causes a misdiagnosis.

diagnosis is to examine the complaints of the patient, as well as mandatory radiological histological studies.With regard to the treatment of this disease, in the last 10 years in the treatment of bone sarcomas present some progress, manifested in the recovery of patients in the local stage of the disease.

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