Worried morning pain in the left side of the bowel

Margarita asks:

Hello!I am 48 years old.A few years worried about the morning pain in the left side of the colon, diarrhea 3-4 times, then drink loperamide.Addressed to paid and free gastroenterologists.EGD - without pathology, colonoscopy from 2010 -kataralny colitis.

began more than 20 years ago after the death of his parents.Now, too, are concerned the morning the pain in his left side, discharge of malodorous gases, rumbling, poor appetite, dry mouth.Propyl trimedat 1 month and 10 days.Linex, Duspatalin helped temporarily.Addressed in
therapist becausebecause of these troubles became depressed, lost quite an appetite, disturbed sleep, afraid to miss any serious disease (parents died from cancer), vomiting, and temperature do not happen.Only loss of appetite, pain in the left side
and diarrhea.

now accept Zoloft overnight on 1 tab.Atarax in the morning, when anxious feel it all take 1.5 months.Condition like better, got better sleep,
appetite.But with all the same intestine.I think I'll star

t taking an antidepressant and bowel rest, but no.Very much I worried.

Prompt may need to collectively take on the bowel and anything and anti-depressant?And what better to advise the intestine?Thank you!
Very worried.


Margarita , in your case, you can assume several reasons for such a state.The request to you - a complete examination of each case and to receive treatment.

1. You may have a parasitic infestation.Worms "masked" and do everything to avoid being discovered.To pass inspection, refer to the Parasitology and hand over three times (with an interval of 1 week) feces on eggs of worms.The course of treatment (when the parasite is detected) must also pass 3 times, at intervals of 1 month.

2. You may have irritable bowel syndrome, in which case you need help with a therapist and psychotherapist.

3. You may have intestinal dysbiosis, which occurs due to various reasons (including parasites).Then you need to find the cause of dysbiosis, eliminate it, go through the bowel clean, and then go through a long (from 6 months. Up to 1 year) course of therapy of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

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