What if the baby adenoids and tonsils

Elena asks:

Hello, my daughter, 5 years old, has become a constant snoring during sleep.Earlier this been seen at times during a cold.Spout podzalozhen, puffy neck.To treat colds and all passed.2 weeks ago I noticed that the amygdala increased, began snoring, there was no heat.They began to treat rinsing, resorption lizobakta again.But the amygdala does not decrease much at night snoring nose podzalozhen, sometimes from the spout vysmarkivayutsya green lumps.We went to Laura.We take a picture special device.The doctor said that the adenoids are enlarged.An increase in the tonsils of the 3rd stage.He said that it is necessary to remove the adenoids and tonsils partially.Familiar advised to take the baby and Job-drip oil arborvitae.She helped the child, and the amygdala were not cut.Should I try first to treat in this way?


Elena, alternative treatments for any disease to try, of course, possible, but only if the child is not a critical state.Many have noted the positive dynamics after

application of a homeopathic preparation JOB - Kid, and oil Tui also has a powerful healing effect, but both of these tools does not help everyone.Especially in your case, in addition to increasing the adenoids, tonsillitis is present also, and this is another treatment.

Only the doctor can truthfully say, if you got a couple of months to start drinking JOB - Kid and bury Tui oil.During this period, you will see the results in the case of positive developments reduce snoring, stop runny nose, may also be reduced, and the amygdala, because the treatment relieves inflammation throughout the nasopharynx.

Some otolaryngologists very well belong to homeopathy and designate it as a part of comprehensive treatment, so many of the kids managed to avoid surgery.In any case, you need expert advice that will tell the dose and duration of administration, will explain how to take homeopathic remedies.For example, the use of these drugs should not be interrupted, it is important to observe the reception, you can not drink just before a meal, and so on. D. It is good when the homeopath observes the dynamics and adjusts the dose.If you implement all the recommendations, the likelihood that the operation can be avoided, very high.

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