Effective treatment of deforming arthrosis of the foot

Age-related changes occur in the body in all systems: vascular, nervous, digestive, including bone.

Bones become more brittle, joint pathology manifested most often in the limbs, experiencing life for increased load and severity.Among the diseases that are associated with the legs and arthrosis deformans diagnosed foot.

Osteoarthritis leads to joint deformities.It is common among the elderly lower extremity tissue disease.The basic process of pathology - the destruction of cartilage.Thus there is an inflammation of the soft tissues which surround the joint.

Causes of

disease most common causes of deforming arthrosis of the foot - a lot of pressure on certain joints.It is an occupational disease of people who spend their time standing.

can also affect multiple trauma and microtrauma, which are often characterized by the athletes.

Another factor leading to arthrosis - hypothermia and wearing uncomfortable shoes or compressive leg.Therefore, according to statistics, women often fall ill arthrosi

s of the joints of the foot.

They sacrifice their feet for the sake of fleeting beauty, and then pay their health.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis usually

deforming arthrosis foot manifests itself with such main symptoms as distortion of the lower extremities fingers.This suggests that the process of destruction of bone and cartilage.

With this development of the disease, soft tissue is usually not affected, but in the process of developing the disease at the level of irreversible changes have already begun cells.

In the affected joints is diagnosed:

  • crunching;
  • redness;
  • slight swelling;
  • local temperature rise.

development of a human disease

Doctors distinguish between three stages of disease progression.Each of them is its severity.If, during the first stage of a deforming arthrosis of the foot a little seen, but the patient only noted a small pain in reinforced physical exertion, then the second stage is characterized by pain.

In the third stage, is noticeable deformity, pain becomes stronger, and appear even at rest.


When a host of symptoms, it is necessary to begin treatment of deforming arthrosis of the foot.

became the first doctors recommend the following points:

  • wear comfortable orthopedic shoes,
  • receiving anti-inflammatory drugs,
  • massage.

In more severe stages, when developed arthritis of the small joints of the foot, is assigned to surgical treatment.Only a doctor on the basis of surveys and analyzes will choose the appropriate method of treatment.

also important information for the health care professional will give details of the nature and cause of the strain of the disease.Remember, no homeopath not bring you health, only an expert knows how to treat osteoarthritis of the foot.

Herbs and even other organic compounds can only be used after consulting a physician.Surely, he would not mind a comprehensive approach.Special attention should be paid to physiotherapists and modern physiotherapy methods.

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