How dangerous arthritis of the shoulder joint .Causes and treatment of diseases

structure of the shoulder joint and causes of arthritis
The shoulder joint is a bit more complicated than it might seem at first glance.

Due to its complex structure, it is the most mobile joint in the human skeleton and consists of two joints: acromioclavicular and proper shoulder.Arthritis means inflammation of one of these joints, or, which is rare, either.

By itself, the disease is an inflammatory process, but reasons he may have several.Inflammation can be caused by infection or autoimmunity.Quite common cause of arthritis of the shoulder joint in athletes are trauma or too high loads without the use of protective dressings and ligaments.

Shoulder arthritis is a very serious disease which can not be run.Not cured arthritis time leads not only to inflammation but also to deformation of the joint tissues, causing disease complex arthrosis, arthritis, which may lead to disability.

general arthrosis - age-related diseases, but it turns out there is a way to be ill and in her youth.The disease

can be divided into three main varieties because of occurrence:

  1. Posttraumatic arthritis is obvious from the name, is due to injuries, minor cracks in the articular cartilage, and sometimes even as a result of damage to tendons, enshrined in the joint.Arthritis of the shoulder joint often have post-traumatic nature.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis - systemic inflammatory process that can occur at any age, for various reasons, for example, as a complication of influenza.A characteristic feature of rheumatoid arthritis is its symmetry.
  3. osteoarthritis - inflammation of the joints caused by wear fabric.As a rule, there is over the age of 50 years, but with a bad attitude to the joints can occur earlier.

symptoms of shoulder arthritis

main symptom of any arthritis is pain, not the exception, and shoulder arthritis.First, a small pain, but eventually intensified, as the joint deformation.Tolerate such pain is becoming more difficult.

Usually the pain intensifies during movement, but over time, even at rest, it can become so severe that interferes with sleep.Further, formed around an inflamed joint swelling, and may increase the overall temperature of the body.

Additional symptoms of arthritis can be muscle weakness and poor coordination of movements of the respective arms, up to the serious problems with grasping movements.This is due to the fact that the inflamed joint and surrounding tissue pinch the nerves that control the hand movements.

How to treat arthritis of the shoulder joint

course, do not try to cure a complex inflammatory disorder in the home, especially since the shoulder arthritis quite difficult to diagnose, and it can make only a qualified doctor, who will appoint treatment.As a primary therapy, usually used NSAIDs.Occasionally, in the most extreme and advanced cases may require surgical intervention.

addition to receiving NSAIDs is recommended to take special vitamin and mineral complexes that improve the immune system in general and the state of the bones and joints in particular.As an adjunct to the treatment of warm-up procedure is applied, as well as specially selected for each case a set of exercises.

Exercises for a given disease of the shoulder joint are applied only very soft and forgiving, one of the best (and for the prevention of shoulder arthritis, too) is considered normal rotation of his shoulders, simple movements that best can be described by the word "train".

most important thing - be aware of and take responsibility for the fact that arthritis is not a disease to which the body is able to cope on their own, through its immunity.Even if you yourself will walk the course of NSAIDs, while pamper your body with vitamin and mineral supplements, and the pain will go away, it does not mean that the left and the disease.

Arthritis should engage qualified doctor who will check the condition of the articular tissues, to make sure the disease is not stuck deep in anticipation of the next immunocompromised or minor shoulder injury.

Preventing illness

Everyone knows that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.To avoid the disease, must be maintained in good condition, your immune system, eat right and exercise control.In particular this applies to sports.

Soft aerobic movement, morning gymnastics and jogging joints will only benefit.But sudden movements must be avoided, and "to drag iron" it is also very bad for the joints.Arthritis of the shoulder joint - a disease peculiar to the former heavyweight athletes.

It is very important to follow the proper nutrition.The young body is able to choose his agents from entering those deemed necessary, but with age this ability weakens and why proper nutrition - the guarantee of health, and joint health as well.

Care should be taken so that the body gets enough vitamins and minerals, but the amount of fat and sweet in their diet rather diminished.Keep track of your health, eat healthy and exercise.Following this uncomplicated advice will allow you to even in his old age did not know what kind of disease so the arthritis.

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