Insidious symptoms of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint

To begin with we define arthrosis.It is a chronic disease characterized by degenerative changes in the cartilage and the adjacent bone tissue.In other words - is the emergence of any joint disease where the bones.

The causes of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint

The cause of this disease is the fact that in the course of human life its cartilage surface wear, degrade and deform, and it is accompanied by the appearance of salt deposits, called osteophytes.In addition to the reasons can be attributed to the presence of various inflammatory processes in the joint.


The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint can be attributed the appearance of pain, discomfort in the shoulder blades and the like during the movement of the joint, as well as during normal palpation of the blade and the bottom of the clavicle.Often, physicians use an exercise called "tying the castle" for the determination of the disease.

asked to cross his hands in the lock behind him for this patient.Basically, f

or normal healthy person is no difficulty, and with the appearance of pain or difficulty during the breaching of this exercise appears suspected arthritis.Symptoms do not appear gradually, they occur suddenly and sharply, for example, after exercise the upper limbs (banal lifting weights), as well as due to hypothermia.

Other signs of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint include:

  • appearance of quiet pain as a result of intensive exercise, developing into a more severe even at rest;
  • Like pain, too, there is a crunch in joints at once, starting a barely audible murmur, growing into a louder sound that is audible even at a distance;
  • appearance of difficulty in moving arms.

Progressive arthritis causes cartilage that are depleted, worn out, and bone tissues grow, progress as a result of pain, other symptoms become more pronounced, and move the upper limbs man is becoming increasingly difficult.

details and degrees of arthrosis of the shoulder joint

Doctors are four degrees of the disease.With slight damage cartilage of the joints due to stress on the joint itself isolated arthrosis of the shoulder joint of 1 degree.But do not forget that the disease is progressing, and already in the first stage, it needs proper care and treatment.

When the shoulder joint arthrosis of 2 degrees appear osteophytes, reducing the load on the damaged area, and is characterized by narrowing of the gap by a third.Detected by X-rays.

In the third degree the ability to move his arms and decreases disease is very limited.At the same time the gap is significantly reduced, and is accompanied by all this terrible pain.In this case, the only treatment is artificial cartilage replacement prosthesis.

fourth degree, usually, there is already in the elderly and is characterized by a complete narrowing gap, accompanied by fusion of the bone ends.

How to cure a disease?

Depending on the extent of the disease and is assigned a different medication.Thus, in the first degree is usually written out various chondroprotectors allowing to restore the damaged cartilage.In the second to the aforementioned drugs are added to a variety of painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Besides being used and folk remedies - pig cartilage, various vegetables and fruits.When the third degree - the operation is imminent.A patient with a fourth degree of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint are engaged only in the rare highly qualified doctors.

Care Tips for aching joints and tips to avoid the development of osteoarthritis

When the pain due to injury, physical overload, fall or for some other reason, it is necessary to lock the arm in a certain position, and contact emergencypoint to help.Do not expect that the pain will pass by itself, because it can be a fracture, dislocation, and the appearance of cracks in the bone, which would entail fatal consequences.

If the pain appeared after treatment of fracture or dislocation, it is necessary to abandon the various techniques involving stress on the joints and bones - that you make it worse.
also the appearance of pain should be completely abandon the various physical activities.Do not do anything by force, especially use different drugs to kill the pain - this can lead to unpredictable consequences.

After the pain will pass, various exercise both its own weight and additional loads, but if you are young, and decided to "warm up", you should be careful.Initially, all the exercises should be done with minimal impact on average ΒΌ of the usual load, and the load should be adjusted height and range of motion, depending on your age, the recovery period and the rest period most of these physical activities.

addition physicians may also assign different exercises shoulder joint arthrosis, depending on the degree of development of disease.It is also recommended that these exercises in the presence of a specialist.If your city has an experienced orthopedic surgeon who operates privately - refer to it, arthrosis of the shoulder joint massage for recovery is a must.

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