Treatment and Symptoms of deforming arthrosis - like yourself warned

Deforming arthritis - a disease of the joints, in which collapses and becomes thinner articular cartilage.Thus there is a pathological process.Which expresses the change in bone structure and deformation.

This disease is considered to be one of the most common on earth.They are sick of every seven people.Suffer arthrosis, usually older people.

And no matter what corner of the world would not be sick people, same reasons:

  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • injury;
  • hypothermia;
  • age.

Varieties of osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis

exposed to virtually all of the joints of the human skeleton.Nevertheless, the most common is considered a deforming arthrosis of the ankle, the foot.Also, experts distinguish deforming arthrosis of the knee.

In some cases, quite often diagnosed deforming arthrosis of the elbow joint and a deforming arthrosis of the spine.

Deforming arthrosis these joints contributes to severe disturbances in the functioning of the locomotor system.Therefore it is very important to timely discover

the symptoms and start treatment of deforming arthrosis.

Symptoms usually deforming arthrosis pronounced in the latter stages of the disease, that is, when it is running.If at the initial stage of a man often ignores minor pain at movement, and pays some swelling in the joints, is in the final stages of the pain intensifies and the person goes to a medical facility to a doctor for help.

to choose the right course to maintain good physical ability of the patient, as is the ability to move and perform various actions.

Treatment of disease

treatment deforming osteoarthritis need to start small.This restful sleep, proper nutrition at a deforming arthrosis, at excess weight - diet, avoid high salt content in food.Physical activity will help the metabolism and give the load on the musculoskeletal system.

in a specialized clinic health professionals surveyed, patient survey, sent him for tests and examinations with the help of special equipment.Analysis of the results reveals the true picture of the disease, the degree of neglect.

doctor already has an idea how to treat arthrosis deformans On the basis of these data.This will be a plan of treatment of joints that are prone to arthrosis.Typically, a set of measures aimed at restoring the ligaments and muscles close to the joints, includes physical therapy and pharmacological treatment.

Deforming arthrosis of ankle

Ankle Osteoarthritis - one of the most common types of this disease.Therefore, in his example, we consider a number of measures aimed at improving the condition of the patient.

At the first sign of the disease should immediately start treatment.

The main focus of all the measures will be aimed at increasing joint mobility, reduce stiffness in the morning, normal processes of metabolism in the affected tissue, slowing down the process of developing the disease.

Along with the administration of medications in a medical facility patients undergoing physiotherapy.However, this course of treatment can be one-sided, if not perform the sessions of physiotherapy.Exercises

include different depending on the movement of a joint disease.They make the blood move faster and thus increases metabolism, calcium salts and the body are displayed with urine.Such a process has a positive effect on patient recovery and well-being.

the Internet and various medical and specialist literature written as a narrow profile to treat people's means of deforming arthrosis.

Herbal infusions or rubbing ointments also have a positive effect on the body.Among the options of herbal medicine or taking a visit to the baths of hot tubs.After these procedures are applied a poultice of burdock roots.

Another recipe of traditional medicine includes the use of the leaves of aloe, which is ground, and squeeze the juice mixed with one hundred grams of honey and 150 ml of vodka.This mixture is also used as a compress.

Another effective tool in the treatment of osteoarthritis is a mixture of salt, dry mustard and a few drops of kerosene.The resulting mush rub the sore spot.The active ingredients of mustard cause blood to circulate faster and enhance metabolism.

should definitely consider the option of a spa treatment, which will have an impact on the joints, and stop the process of destruction.In advanced stages of the disease, the release can be articular arthroplasty.

When arthrosis useful massage the joints, but it is necessary to avoid a strong impact on the patient is a joint can increase inflammation in it.

If the disease is not running, it will help products containing Glucosamine.This medication contains a natural substance which is obtained from the shells of marine animals.It affects the metabolism of cartilage and joint mobility improved.

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