Treatment of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint methods available

Osteoarthritis - it is wear and degradation of bone and cartilage tissue.Since many compounds in humans, as many different types of osteoarthritis and can be identified.But I would like to focus attention on the shoulder arthrosis, because most of the action and loads of accounts is still on the upper limbs of man.

There are several degrees of difficulty of arthritis.The first, and most gentle, distinguished pain in the shoulder joint, and by certain restrictions in the movement of the hands.The second has a more sophisticated - pain exacerbated, and continuing even at rest limbs, and is accompanied by a characteristic crunch in joints, caused by salt deposits.

addition movements become even more limited.When third-degree movement arthrosis constrained by even more, and the interosseous cartilage wear fatal.And finally, the fourth degree of shoulder osteoarthritis.Patients do not leave the sensation of pain, the cartilage is worn out, and bone tissues begin to coalesce.It observed mainly in elderl

y people.

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint are pain in the shoulder area of ​​the blade and the bottom of the clavicle after exercise, as well as the upper limb girdle injuries.In identifying the pains of different nature in the fall, injury, or any other physical damage to the shoulder should consult a doctor because it can lead to a series of complications, such as post-traumatic arthrosis of the shoulder joint, and many others.

Apart from the name arthrosis in medicine there are other definitions of the disease such as osteoarthritis, and deforming arthrosis or osteoarthritis.But the most important for people with arthritis of the shoulder joint - treatment.

Treatment of this disease is quite varied, ranging from traditional medicine, and ending surgery.Let us examine in greater detail in what circumstances, and what needs to be done.

With arthrosis of first degree

When deforming arthrosis of the shoulder joint of the first degree is usually appointed by the complex medication to restore cartilage, as well as a set of exercises.And in principle, the use of exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint, as well as any other arthrosis simply inevitable.

If we talk about medication, then used mainly various chondroprotectors in conjunction with a variety of bio-additives, vitamins and minerals.And if we go back to the exercise, the exercise is usually associated with the load on the shoulder joint - raising the shoulders, swings his arms bent at the sides in a sitting position, the circular rotation of the shoulders and so on.

When arthrosis shoulder of the second degree

How to treat arthrosis of the shoulder joint of the second degree?It's very simple - the same technique as in the first degree.But beyond that are issued and anti-inflammatory agents in conjunction with anesthetics of different anesthetics.

addition gymnastics to restore a gentle, does not imply a strong stress on the shoulder part in order to avoid complications.It is strictly prohibited any physical stress on the upper limbs belt, such as, for example, lifting weights.

When arthrosis third degree

Usually, the patient in the third stage of the disease is extremely difficult, and treatment of deforming arthrosis of the shoulder joint in this case requires only surgery.In this case the cartilage of the joint is removed and replaced by a special prosthesis to maintain limb motor functions.

fourth degree

But how can the treatment of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint of the fourth degree if you are already at the third operation is necessary?Typically, this pathology occurs in the elderly and is characterized by a complete deterioration of cartilage, and fusion of bone tissue.

In such cases assistance was needed highly qualified physician in the field, which today is not so much, and you can find them only in large cities.To prevent development of the disease to a degree should contact your doctor at the first manifestations of the disease.

How to determine that you have arthritis?

But what are the symptoms of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint?Of course, the first is the presence of pain after prolonged physical exertion on the upper limbs, as well as pain in the area of ​​the bottom of the blades or the collarbone.In addition to the symptoms can be attributed, and a characteristic crunching in the joints as they move.

should also be noted and limited arm movements, for example, if you simply can not raise their hands above shoulder level, already suspected arthritis.In addition to the above symptoms can be attributed to prolonged pain even in the absence of any movement or action hands.

After consulting with the doctors will tell you that with osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint exercises is a must.But do not forget about the stress - they should be minimal.Also worth noting is that the treatment of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint diet, as such, does not imply - all purely individual and depends on age and professional needs.

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