How to treat arthritis of the ankle joint .Effective methods

This disease, like arthritis of the ankle joint is now very common, not only in the elderly, but also young people.What does it represent?

This inflammation, which is accompanied by a constant dull pain that increases when walking or any load.There is also a small tumor and a movement restriction.There are two kinds of occurrence of this disease:

  • acute;
  • chronic.

Acute comes on suddenly, once.The causes of inflammation can be bacteria.Therefore, acute arthritis is considered an infectious disease with all the characteristic features added as a sharp pain in the joint, redness and swelling in the area.Chronic

view appears due to salt deposits in the articular cartilage, which is often triggered by trauma.Salt, which is stored for a long time, contributes to inflammation.

joint itself is trying to produce more than the usual amount of lubricant and there is swelling and pain when exposed.Over time, the inner shell is increased and leads to the complete destruction of the cartilage.It appears

deformity and stiffness.

arthritis Treatment of Ankle

First you need to establish the diagnosis, so the first thing you need to pass the following tests: X-ray, ultrasound or other necessary studies - IMRT, CT or blood chemistry.Therefore, you should consult an experienced doctor who will tell you how to treat arthritis of the ankle joint.

As usual being treated?First of all, you need to ensure absolute peace hurts.In the absence of hospitalization or bed rest, you should at least apply the elastic bandage and when moving to use a cane to relieve the load on the leg.The second part of the treatment - determining the cause of the disease and the removal of edema and inflammation using non-hormonal drugs.

Following the appointment of such procedures can be purchased and special orthopedic inserts or insoles for shoes.Again, you can buy them only on doctor's recommendation, as it can only aggravate the disease.

Also, doctors are advised to buy orthopedic shoes with special convex and neprogibayuschimisya soles to help lift the load on the foot and ankle, as well as relax the muscles.Arthritis of the ankle joint, symptoms are redness, swelling and aching or sharp pain, it is divided into several types.


arthritis Reactive arthritis - occurs when extra-articular infection (lesions of the mucous membranes or skin), have purulent character.Pain is present in the whole joint, there is some stiffness and swelling.

Gouty arthritis of the ankle joint occurs when disturbed metabolism, alcohol abuse, strong coffee.The consequence of which is an increase amount of uric acid in the blood of the patient.The body can not withdraw a volume of her and starts to lay salt in tissues and organs.Speaking about the nature of the disease gouty arthritis caused sharp, but not a one-time, repeated seizures over and over again.Reddening occurs and difficulty when attempting to move.

Osteoarthritis arthritis of the ankle - is the result of the complete destruction of the cartilage.The reasons that can lead to this disease - poor circulation, physical serious injury, bad metabolism or local joint hypothermia.Typical symptoms - constant nagging pain, which may be aggravated by physical exertion.

Rheumatoid arthritis - systemic inflammation, which appears as a result of exposure to the outside world on the genetic predisposition to the disease of man.inflammation is often symmetric, appear aching pain and joint swelling.

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