Prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint

Osteoarthritis Joints - quite a common disease in the elderly.Most often it affects women, who spend much time on their feet.

loads, age-related changes, unhealthy lifestyle, hypothermia injuries are the main cause of osteoarthritis of the ankle.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis

Usually symptoms of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint are pain, which often occur at the beginning of the movement.These episodic pain and immediately tested.

With the development of the disease pain when walking or running, and there are even worse at rest.At the same time there is a feeling of stiffness in the joints, limiting the performance of the lower extremities.


treatment only at those stages of the disease people go to the doctor for treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint.In this case, the disease is considered to be running, as the deformation of the joint is clearly visible.

Why is required to treat the disease?

  • withdrawal pains.
  • Reducing inflammation in the ankle joint.
  • recovery of lower li
    mb mobility normal functioning.
  • Restoring full exchange and blood supply system in the affected limb.

patient has pronounced symptoms of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint, which is bending the legs and even the displacement of their axes.In such cases, the treatment of deforming arthrosis of the ankle joint can not lead to complete recovery.

The diagnosis is most often a poor - difficulty and the absolute impossibility of joint work.In these last stages of the disease post-traumatic arthrosis of the ankle completely destroys bone.

the beginning of the disease is enough to reduce the weight of the patient and to choose the right shoes.Already these factors reduce the load on the affected joint.However, conservative treatment appoint a physician.When the diagnosis - osteoarthritis of the ankle joint treatment should be carried out comprehensively.

Most likely the attending doctor will prescribe medicines course.At the same time you need to go on a salt-free diet and taking diuretics, anti-inflammatories, which will get rid of edema.After an excess amount of moisture in the tissue only to the development of the disease.However

should not reduce the fluid consumption, that they are washed out toxic products from the body, including in osteoarthritis.In severe edema lying well to keep his feet elevated.It is also recommended to tight bandaging ankle.

Treatment of osteoarthritis gymnastics

When the joint is received normal size.Do not let it go, and it's time to learn how to treat osteoarthritis of the ankle joint with the help of exercises.

physical therapy sessions should take place within an hour, then it is possible to achieve any results.

To do this go to the back.Stretch your legs.Feet drive - turn them on and off yourself.Do not hurry.The main thing you have done a few moves, but how.

In the second exercise, you want to save the previous position, that is, when the supine position, rotate the foot in different directions.

To perform the exercise, take the third chair.The feet should touch the floor surface completely.Sitting walk, raising and lowering the heel and toes.

Special joint study will also help to restore the partially joint.This will require the assistance of another person.He swipes his fist on the talus and the calcaneus through tightly pressed against his palm.At the same time move down and forward and back from the ankle.To increase the force of the blows should be gradual.

value of proper treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle

Why do gymnastics in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint is important.It turns out that the disease cartilage covered with calcium salts, which leads to deformation of joints.

At various movements intensified production and the flow of fluid between the articular surfaces, thus there is joint rehabilitation.

calcium salts that accumulate in the joints, together with the activation of blood circulation removed from the body together with the products of metabolism.Improvement of metabolic processes in the ankle joint has a positive effect on the patient's condition.

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