What is arthritis of the foot : treatment, diagnosis and symptoms

If you have arthritis of the foot, take it seriously.The sensation of pain in the foot is very unpleasant and prevents to live normally. appears limp.The patient tries not to step on the part of the foot where the pain is most acute.Sometimes the pain intensifies, the tumor appears.At this time, it is difficult to sleep at night.At times, the pain goes away, then amplified again.However, patients often do not give this a serious matter.Do not go to the doctor.It is believed that everything goes very slowly, how the injury.This is necessary to treat the disease.For proper treatment always need an accurate diagnosis, to determine the kind of arthritis.This diagnosis can put the doctor.There are several types of foot arthritis.

  1. Osteoarthritis.
  2. Gouty arthritis.
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis of the foot.

arthritis - a disease of the joint capsule and articular cartilage.The most common osteoarthritis.It occurs as a result of mechanical damage to the joints.If you have this kind of arthritis of the foot - it ca

uses related to age, they are the result of heavy loads overweight.To promote the development of osteoarthritis may be isolated bruises, injuries, fractures.Previously it was thought that the joints wear out with age, so there is a disease.With age, decreased elasticity of the articular cartilage.This can only be a prerequisite for the disease.

disease begins when cartilage wears.Can erase completely and expose the bone.Osteoarthritis arthritis of the foot - this change in the joints.In a healthy joint, the joint capsule is a thin synovial membrane, produces a lubricating fluid in the joint space.Lubrication fluid provides nourishment hyaline cartilage and is a reliable lubrication of articular ends of bones.With the destruction of the cartilage breaks down the process of normal joint function.This leads to the development of degenerative processes that cause inflammation in the joints.Arthritis of the foot joints require medical intervention.

treatment and diagnosis of disease

For proper treatment it is necessary to determine the kind of arthritis of the foot.Osteoarthritis is defined by the fact that pain in the foot, in the blood of patients not detected any violations and deviations.And other tests do not have abnormalities.Another common type of arthritis, gout, considered the most ancient disease.Gout begins when the body starts to accumulate urate crystals.As a result of the cleavage of purines that fall into the body with food, in human blood uric acid occurs.It is in the blood plasma in the form of sodium urate - free crystals.Blood is cleared by the kidneys, and uric acid excreted from the body.But there comes a time when the kidneys are no longer cope with this work.In the blood begin to accumulate urate crystals.They begin to be deposited in different parts of the body, but most of all they are deposited in the joints.

Gout men suffer more than women.The first manifestation of gout - arthritis of the big toe.Thumb starts to hurt and painfully inflamed.For the treatment of gout need to find out the root cause for which urate crystals are no longer displayed from the blood by the kidneys.Without this it is impossible to cure gout.Special diet can decrease the amount of sodium urate in blood to such a degree that the kidney time to cope with such amount.But it can only stop the disease, but not cure it.Once the root cause of the disease becomes known, it is possible to start a thorough treatment.

symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis of the foot

Rheumatoid arthritis - the most dangerous form of arthritis.Its causes are still unknown to science.It is a serious disease that can cause deformation and deformation of the joints of the foot.A man for all life becomes disabled and stops walking.Typically, several deformed fingers and joints.Ankle, area calcaneal tuber and ankles, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčattachment of tendons and ligaments may become deformed, and inflammatory processes exacerbate the disease.Pain worse at night and rapidly growing.The skin on your feet is red.At the present state of medicine can not cure this disease.Physician measures can only relieve pain and suffering.The cause of rheumatoid arthritis can be all kinds of infections and complications of chronic diseases.There are folk remedies treatment of arthritis.But arthritis is easier to prevent than to cure.

Arthritis Prevention

  1. necessary to monitor the condition of their feet.Wear comfortable shoes.
  2. Protect your feet from injury and permanent stress.
  3. treat chronic diseases.One of the causes of arthritis may be angina and chronic tonsillitis.
  4. Avoid excess weight.Especially for people with thin bones.
  5. monitor the condition of his kidneys.
  6. do gymnastics.Avoid smoking.

course need to maintain the good condition of the whole organism.Then he will cope with all the deviations from the norm.

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