How does the degree of malnutrition in children 3

Wasting 3 degrees - this is the most severe in its manifestations degree malnutrition - chronic malnutrition function at an early age.It occurs in children up to two years, often even up to a year.This disorder is the result of external and internal factors.

  • Exterior.First of all, it is wrong and inadequate child nutrition.As a result of the regular shortage of calories and proteins, there is a significant underweight, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, breakdown of the processes of absorption of nutrients.Also include previous infection and long-term effects on the body of toxic substances to external factors.
  • Interior.This congenital conditions associated with underdevelopment or injury of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolic disorders associated with insufficient blood enriched with oxygen, or hereditary, encephalopathy.

Often this form of malnutrition observed in preterm infants, many kids suffer prenatal malnutrition.

clinical picture of the disease

children who suffer malnutritio

n 3 degrees, can be easily recognized by their appearance:

  • virtual absence of subcutaneous fat layer all over the body.The lag in weight can reach 30% of normal.
  • person has a triangular shape, it is wrinkled, are clearly supportive of the jaw and cheekbones, the chin strongly pointed.
  • skin is dry, has a painful shade.Maybe purple-blue or pale gray.
  • skin is absolutely not elastic, the whole body in the deep wrinkles.The child looks like an old man.
  • can see cracks, anemia often occur at the corners of the mouth.The lips are bright red color.
  • noticeable stunting.

The internal symptoms of the disease include:

  • Gross violations of metabolism, lack of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Reduced body temperature.It may fall to 32 degrees.
  • Reduced muscle tone.In rare cases, there is hypertonicity.
  • reduction in blood pressure, bradycardia.
  • Weak immunity.Often malnutrition 3 degrees accompanied by inflammatory infections.

Sick children are very sluggish, lethargic, inactive, do not show interest in the surrounding objects and people.

treatment and prognosis

In order to cope with the malnutrition degree 3 applies an integrated approach.In this method, you must:

  1. determine the causes of the malnutrition
  2. Identification of co-infections and their active treatment
  3. Diet therapy or administration of proper nutrition in the right proportions
  4. Introduction vitamins and enzymes
  5. Identification of symptoms and their treatment
  6. Sessions healthmassage and gym

requires particularly careful preparation of food intake.Daily rate calculated by the average value between the actual weight and the one that should be.In the first days of treatment appointed babies breast milk only.Gradually and very gently the daily amount of food increases.

On how quick measures were taken, and how far the disease depend on future forecasts.

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