The main varieties of arthritis toes

toes Arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints and is characterized by damage to the articular cartilage and joint capsule.The disease most often recorded in mature age (after 50 years). Additionally, the toes arthritis is a major cause of pain in the legs and feet, and therefore requires early treatment.

main types of arthritis joints legs

  • osetoartrit - manifested by destruction of articular cartilage, leading to severe pain in the legs.Patients difficult to move, their movement after the state of immobilization are constrained and painful, develops redness and swelling around the affected joints;
  • gout - arthritis of the toes and feet.In this disease accumulated uric acid crystals in the capsules of the finger joints, leading to intense pain, often in the feet of the thumb.

It is worth noting that the arthritis of the big toe more often diagnosed among men;

  • rheumatoid arthritis toes - affects all ages, belongs to a rather serious illness and can proceed with the defeat of almost all jo
    ints in the body.

This arthritis toes leads to the development of significant joint deformities, causing disability of patients.When this disease also goes total deformation of the feet, which prevents normal move.In addition, deformation joins inflammation that often localized in areas of tendon attachment, which worsens the condition of patients.

General characteristics

Arthritis leg includes the hip injury, knee joint, and the joints of the toes.It should be noted that patients with lesions of the joint monoartrit say, an example of which may be arthritis of the big toe joint that develops in isolation.They can also develop polyarthritis - simultaneous failure of multiple joints (common).

Arthritis of the joints of the toes can occur acutely or become chronic.According to the etiology of it is traumatic, degenerative or infectious nature.Arthritic symptoms toes virtually identical, although the etiology.So, the main features of various types of stiffness is affected joints, fever surrounding tissues, pain, which may be aggravated by motion and after a standstill, as well as swelling in the pathological changes and the limited movement of the affected area.

Principles of therapy

Arthritis foot treatment should be complex.Just right approach to how lechitbolezn can protect patients from disability.Thus, treatment should include:

  • antibiotics - is prescribed for arthritis infectious nature;
  • anti-inflammatory treatment - use a special ointment, which includes diclofenac (effectively reduces inflammation and relieves pain);
  • arthritic toes treatment is also directed to the restoration of cartilage tissue of the joints.For this purpose hondroprotektory administered;
  • exercises and diet food high in vitamin E and antioxidants;
  • operative treatment is applied in extreme cases.

How to organize treatment

Of course, if there is inflammation in the joints of the toes should never be engaged in self-diagnosis and self-prescribe medication without consulting a qualified rheumatologist or physician.In order to establish an accurate diagnosis is necessary to conduct a comprehensive survey, in which should be included:

  • clinical blood and urine analysis;
  • biochemical analyzes, and should be determined and acute phase indicators characterizing the state of the immune system, and biochemical tests (urea, creatinine, uric acid, with suspected gout);
  • immunological investigations - cases of suspected development of rheumatoid arthritis or any autoimmune inflammatory process in the body;
  • radiographic examination of the affected joints.

In the event of the disease it is important to promptly arrest the acute attack of illness - it is widely used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents for systemic therapy (oral or intramuscular injection), as well as locally on the affected joints - ointment improves the condition of the fingers and allows a person to move independently.

With the ineffectiveness of NSAIDs short courses, regardless of the nature of the disease, are appointed by the steroid hormones.Further treatment is determined by the primary diagnosis - rheumatoid arthritis should be appointed by means of basic therapy, which helps to stop the activity of the autoimmune inflammation, steroid hormones.In identifying gout sure to use diet, limiting intake of foods rich in purines in the body, and the appointment of drugs that inhibit the formation of uric acid in the body and accelerate its elimination.

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