Congenital malnutrition : causes and treatment of the disease in children

Recently, very often there are situations when a child is born full-term and absolutely at the right time, but its mass is very small in relation to its growth.His appearance arouses pity and sympathy of others, as it is depleted, the skin is due to lack of subcutaneous fat has a grayish color, very noticeable on the face of the wrinkles and the child is exposed to rapid fatigue (even during breastfeeding).

Such a state kid is quite dangerous condition called malnutrition.And do not let the God that the disease has led to the development of significant pathology baby.

congenital malnutrition occurs when decelerating growth retardation relative time period of pregnancy in the womb.A child with congenital malnutrition slowly gaining weight, significantly slowing down the growth process, is shown very poor appetite, the child is exposed to different diseases at little to the causes of a weakened immune system.

condition baby with congenital malnutrition is far from the normal healthy state.To avoid such

situations, it is necessary to know the reasons for which the newborn identify malnutrition.

Causes of congenital malnutrition child

The main cause of congenital malnutrition are all kinds of diseases of the mother during pregnancy that lead to placental insufficiency, which is a major cause of congenital malnutrition.

Placental insufficiency develops among many reasons.The main reasons are the following points:

  1. circulatory disorders of the placenta and uterus;
  2. hormonal disruptions in the body;
  3. Metabolic disorders;
  4. insufficient supply to the fetus of essential trace elements;
  5. Low mobility of the pregnant woman;
  6. Insufficient exposure to fresh air expectant mother;
  7. sorts and genital infections;
  8. physical injury;
  9. Mental and physiological disorders;
  10. Alcohol abuse;
  11. Smoking.

each factor individually or collectively can lead to the development of fetal congenital malnutrition.Therefore, expectant mothers need to be very attentive to him, because of their state of health has a direct impact on the future health of the child.

Highlights that lead to the recovery of the baby

Every child with congenital malnutrition requires special attention from the doctors and mothers.The child is prescribed a strict hygiene regime, the lack of a number are people who suffer from all sorts of diseases, special fortified diet, prescribed ultraviolet irradiation, massages and specialized exercises.

Children with congenital malnutrition put on a special account in which it is often necessary to pass various examinations and tests.All sorts of changes in the overall situation will always lead to a change in regulations regarding treatment.

Treatment of congenital malnutrition may take a long time, but the recovery is inevitable with the right treatment.Therefore, even during pregnancy, you need to think about their future child and then everything will be all right.

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