Treatment and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis .How to recognize the pathology ?

Psoriatic arthritis - an inflammatory kind associated with psoriasis.Usually the disease begins with a skin lesion, then later having joint damage.The illness develops gradually, not rapidly.

There are several forms of arthritis.Each form has its own characteristics.

  • symmetrical appearance.In this form there is a symmetrical joint disease.
  • Asymmetrical oligomonoartrit.With this type of joint is affected 1-3.The joints affected are not in pairs, so that could be struck by the knee, elbow and wrist joints.
  • spondylosis - defeat any spine.Typically, violations occur in the lumbar and cervical spine.In the early stages of the disease usually swells without symptoms.
  • Arthritis with a lesion of the distal interphalangeal joints.When this form is most strongly and quickly affected joints are the hands and feet.
  • deformans, is a severe form in which the systematic destruction of the joints of the hands and feet, change their forms.It should be noted that the arthritis deformans is not common.

Symptoms of psoriatic arthritis

joint inflammation, swelling, pain on movement, redness and increased temperature of the skin of the affected joints.When inflamed small cartilage tissue swelling occurs fingers, toes very much swollen.

When this disease occurs stiffness and impaired mobility in the joint inflammation.

Clinical signs of psoriatic arthritis with vertebral localization

Pain in the sacrum, buttocks muscles, lumbar pain and inflammation, as well as disturbances in the cervical spine and upper extremities.

With involvement of inflammation of tendons and cartilage development tendinitis occurs quickly enough.When inflammation in the Achilles tendon pain occurs when walking mid-tempo and uplifts the stairs.

If there is pain in the chest, then there is an inflammation of the connective tissue (cartilage) of the sternum and ribs.Psoriartichesky appearance of this disease is characterized by the following features that distinguish it from other forms.

zabolevaniya- Signs of psoriasis as the underlying disease;interphalangeal inflamed cartilage of limbs;asymmetrical skaroleit and spondylitis;entezoit- inflamed joint with ligaments, further develop inflammation of cartilage and tendons;dactylitis - all tissue swelling of the affected area;for psoriatic arthritis is characterized by periods of remission and relapse.

Possible treatments for the disease

Usually most common use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, such as sodium diclofenac, nimesulide, ibuprofen.

These drugs relieve or reduce pain and inflammation do not so pronounced.The second group of agents that are used to treat - a glucocorticosteroid drugs.These include dexamethasone, prednisolone.

Treatment of psoriatic arthritis folk remedies

When properly conducted the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, a variety of folk remedies achieved reduction of cutaneous manifestations of psoriasis, reduced inflammation of internal organs, reduces the rate of development of inflammation of the joints.

known a lot of methods of traditional medicine in the fight against psoriatic arthritis.In the treatment of active use of cranberries, St. John's wort, dandelion, mother-and-stepmother, birch leaves.Of these herbs make broths.


in power in psoriatic arthritis, it is desirable to give preference to fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices.Permission is granted to use fish, chicken, lamb and turkey, cereals recommended.It is necessary to limit the use of salt and meat.

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