Methods of treatment and symptoms of gouty arthritis

In the case where the patient arises or escalates gouty arthritis - treatment carried out taking into account the course of the pathological process in an individual patient, can prevent the development of severe complications of the disease and irreversible changes in the organs and tissues.

Why there is gout?

essence of the disease lies in the congenital or acquired disorders of metabolism of purine bases and uric acid in the body.

accumulation of purine metabolism products, regardless of the cause of this state provokes a sharp increase in the concentration of uric acid.

When the deposition of uric acid in different organs and tissues around them reactive inflammation begins, which makes it difficult to separate the normal functioning of the system of the human body.

In the case where the uric acid gets into the joint cavity, develops gouty arthritis - treatment of this condition should be based on the medical correction of metabolic disorders, the use of a diet that restricts the intake of prot

eins in the body, and prevention of secondary changes in gout.


Acute gouty arthritis develops as a typical characteristic of the diagnosis in most cases can be supplied without a prolonged examination of the patient.

Laboratory testing and instrumental diagnostics are important for determining prognosis and selection of the optimal treatment strategy.

Acute gouty arthritis most often affects the big toe - an attack of the disease develops suddenly, the skin over the affected joint becomes edematous, red, hot to the touch, limits the ability of the patient to move freely.

Gouty arthritis of the ankle in the first exacerbation develops very rarely.Usually inflammation of the large joints occurs in advanced disease.

Therefore prior to treatment is necessary to determine the exact cause of the disease, because the inflammatory arthritis requires immediate appointment of antibacterial therapy, whereas gout should be treated with the help of oppressive production of uric acid and accelerates its excretion.

Gouty arthritis of the knee joint may occur at the onset of the disease.This version of the pathological process is often found in women over the age of 40 years - patients in this case may be found not only the symptoms of gout, but also signs of degenerative - dystrophic process in the affected joint.

That is why the treatment of the disease should be directed to the restoration of normal processes in the cartilage, the suppression of reactive inflammation and elimination of excess purine bases in the body.

treatment of gouty arthritis

Unfortunately, the question is - how to treat gouty arthritis, most patients ask at the moment when the body changes occur that require immediate administration of appropriate therapy

in the treatment of gout are distinguished:

  • treatment of acute attacks of gouty arthritiswhich must be effective and efficient;
  • activities carried out in the interictal period of gradual normalization of uric acid levels in the body.

At any stage of the disease becomes a mandatory component of the treatment assignment of dietary (medical) power.Diet for gout involves reduced intake of animal proteins and lipids at normal or somewhat increased amount of carbohydrates.

patient should receive plenty of fluids, alkaline mineral water, tea, fruit drinks - maintaining a water-drinking regimen at a normal level ensures removal of the products of metabolism of purine bases from the body, rather than their deposition in tissues, particularly in the kidney tubules.

From supply patients excluded any offal, fatty lamb, legumes, wine, coffee, tea, spinach, sorrel, any greens, increases the amount of purine bases in the blood serum.Questions
drug treatment of gout at any stage you need to coordinate with your doctor.

In this disease and also some undesirable inflammatory drugs - drugs that some of the clinical group, for example, aspirin, and any means which include acetylsalicylic acid, can by themselves become the cause of acute gout.

However, for the relief of pain attack may be assigned to non-narcotic and narcotic analgesics, and for the suppression of inflammation - a steroid hormone short courses, but the dose should be chosen by your doctor.If a patient is diagnosed gouty arthritis - Treatment folk remedies helps to slow down the progression of changes in the tissues.

to treat people's methods of gout can be used as extracts from plants directly affecting the metabolism of purine bases (colchicine), and herbs that have anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic action - decoctions and infusions, which include aspen, alder, cornflower, mother-and-stepmother.

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